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As one might expect, Creativity is the process by which sentients are able to transcend traditional ideas and develop entirely new ones. Creativity is the sheer force of Imagination. In the Legitimitium MultiVerse (and by extension, the BrikVerse), though, Creativity has a special meaning and considerable power. Humans wield that power with ease (which is perhaps the key thing that makes them so mythikal) but the power of imagination trickles down to even the lowest life forms. With it, creatures are able to manipulate the very fabric of reality. The universes that comprise the Legitimitium MultiVerse are almost all construction toy based existences (which is where the MultiVerse gets its name). That means that literally everything in those verses is built, comprised of separate building block elements that join together to create form and function. Someone has to do that construction, although sometimes it happens accidentally on its own when briks collide in space, and that conscious action is the very expression of Creativity.

The BrikVerse does put its own little spin on Creativity, however. The Nature of the BrikVerse leans decidedly toward the forces of Destruction. The function of all things in the BrikVerse is to come to an amusing and explosive end. Time and Space in the verse has already been ruined by this basic design. But the universe would've devoured itself long ago were it not also highly regenerative. The Building Blocks of BrikVerse existence fit easily together and are drawn to one another by the intense pull of Creativity inherent in each object. That's part of what makes creatures of the Minifig Genus so proficient as builders. In the BrikVerse Creativity runs rampant, thrumming through the universe, for the sole purpose of building things up so that they may be knocked down again.