Dragon Guard

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Dragon Guard
Medieval Kingdom
Tek Level 2
Controls Wyvar in the Eastfold Isles on Medivo
None listed

Hiimboredagain Raiders

Notable People
Rev. Sylvanus

Lord Darius

Majistik Clones

Ten Ishu

Dragon Guard of Wyvar

Dragon Guard is the formal name for knightly and military forces that serve kingdom of Wyvar, a feudal nation located in the Eastfold Isles on the planet Medivo. The kingdom first made contact with the greater Brikverse in BR 2,010 and feature prominently in the many Battle Reports narrated by Rev. Sylvanus' human counterpart. Known for an elegant barding design and heavy use of Tactics and Strategy, the Dragon Guard have battled such prominent adversaries as Lord Mercat's Mythic Order and dirtycajun's Horror Corps.

Battlefield Organization

Dragon Guard G.R. 2012

Lord Darius currently exercises leadership, assembling the Dragon Guard under the following tactical divisions:


Basic melee infantry include spearmen and dual-wielders with hand weapons. Archers and crossbow skirmishers comprise basic ranged infantry. In key battles, the Dragon Guard have also been known to field Fire Blades (armored infantry with Supernatural swords) and armored pikemen.


Dragon Knights (sporting brik-built barding) are the core of Wyvar's support cavalry; they come in horse-bound and dragon-mounted varieties. A more recent addition to the army is a squad of outriders, equipped with shield, spear, and crossbow. From time to time, heroes and casters of the Guard mount one of Medivo's elusive and fear-inspiring griffins into combat.


War machines have long held prominence in the ranks of the Dragon Guard. Ballistae appear with various iterations of bolt and explosive projectiles. A fearsome cannon with the head of a Dragon is piloted by a crazy engineer and two of his lackeys. The Guard also employ two-fig crossbow squads who bear a 2" launcher between them.


Majistik Order Wizards maintain a grand tradition of allying with the dragon insignia; Dragon Priests bless and heal various squads of infantry. Grim Fang Lieutenants lead the charge, while a small host of ninja and infiltrators coordinate Wyvar's subtle and scheming needs.

Historical Overview

In BR 2,010 Lucien Sylvanus, distant heir to the Ancient Dragon line, first marshaled the warriors who would come to be known as the Dragon Guard.

By BR 2,011, the battles of this era were petty and exploratory at best, including conquests over various Rainbow Knights and Pulp Adventure archaeologists. Sylvanus forged his first friendships with the Majistiks and Darius, the three of whom became well known for invading dormitory desks and even Hobby Shop gaming tables. Wyvar's kanon changed drastically after a skirmish against the Drakhirri. In the midst of battle, the Hiimboredagain emerged from the dunes, slew several of the Guard, and were framed by Darius for the death of Leoncor Princess Dreska.

Struggles against the Hiimboredagain drove the Dragon guard into brief seclusion in BR 2,012 as Lucien and Darius conferred over how to combat the barbarian threat.

Lucien's army mobilized for conflict once again in BR 2,013; Black Falcon, Crusader, and Forestmen influences reached new heights in the Eastfold Isles, resulting in battle after battle against new cunning foes. This year is also held as a great time of mourning; on the battlefield of Thairm, Dragon Guard forces clashed with the Mythic Order over the fabled Sword of Aurora (an implement both Darius and Lucien deemed necessary in their conflict with the barbarian hordes). On a scouting mission, Lucien was defeated by bowmaster Arycelle; though his body was never found, ninja Ten Ishu reports that Sylvanus' sword and helm rest at the Thairm Falls overlooking a freshly dug grave. With the purported death, generalship of the Dragon Guard has now passed to the militant Darius, horse-lord and marshal of the Dragon Knights.

Documented Battles

Battle Date Storyline Played By Result Thread
2011 2011 ώ ώ ώ ώ
First Medieval Battle 2011 01 Rev. Sylvanus Victory Forum Thread
Brikwars Day: Game 1 2011 03/06 Rev. Sylvanus Defeat Forum Thread
First Redcap's Battle 2011 03/28 Rev. Sylvanus Defeat Forum Thread
River Smithy Rumble 2011 11 Wyvar Kanon Bragallot Victory Forum Thread
Hamilton Brikwar 2011 11/30 Rev. Sylvanus Victory Forum Thread
2012 2012 ώ ώ ώ ώ
First Susquehanna Brikwar 2012 09/30 McLovin Saga Rev. Sylvanus Draw Forum Thread
2013 2013 ώ ώ ώ ώ
Casters and Catapults 2013 01/04 McLovin Saga Rev. Sylvanus No Contest Forum Thread
Skirmish at FRF 2013 01/31 McLovin Saga Rev. Sylvanus Victory Forum Thread
McLovin's Catapult 2013 02 McLovin Saga Rev. Sylvanus Victory Forum Thread
Skirmish at Thairm 2013 08/03 Thairm Battles Rev. Sylvanus Defeat Forum Thread
Battle for Aurora 2013 08/04 Thairm Battles Rev. Sylvanus Draw Forum Thread