Exalted Marches

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Exaltados Marchas

Exalted Marches are very brutal and epic displays of violence against the enemies of Emeria, most notably the Peach abominations in the form of Holy War(s).

To date, he has declared 7 Exalted Marches.

First Exalted March

With the Dice Papacy firmly installed in Emeria, Emeria now had narrowed it's sights on a new public enemy #1: Peaches.

So the Papa, pressured by the Emperor, declared the First Exalted March, and it is still one of the most brutal.

The Emerian Empire Exploded into violence; Police, the Citizenry, the Government, Military, and even other minorities joined the violence. Peaches were slaughtered to the last fetus, dragged through the streets, hunted like animals, suffering from millions of atrocities empire-wide. When the last act broke out, roughly a million peaches were thrown down a well and drowned, Sparta-style. It is thought that about 20 million Peaches and other minorities were killed. Then there was a party and an orgy.