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The Fiends, originally hailing from a disturbingly adorable place called Baalville, are a matriarchal society of (mostly) demonically cute she-devils bent on the utter destruction of anything that does not conform to their particular aesthetic sensibilities. These creatures are unmistakably Legitimitium based life forms but appear much more slender and well dressed than their blockier cousins. Wherever their endlessly smiling faces can be found are also vast landscapes of filled with gorgeous architecture decked out in the prettiest pinks, purples, and lime greens. Fiends are also notorious users of Feminine Product. Lovely fields stretch away as far as the eye can see where the Fiends set down roots and a visitor would never be able to tell that all those wonderful buildings are built on top of mass graves and all those tranquil fields grow from the decaying corpses of ugly civilizations.

The Fiends are utterly merciless when it comes to making their homes so delightful. Their territories stretch as far as the eye can see precisely because no Fiend could ever, ever stand to look upon anything that isn't beautiful, even if it's really very far away. When they look out upon the stars, they see ugliness there and are compelled evermore to go out into that space and fix it.