Lord VladTron

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Lord VladTron

Ruler of VladTron

VladTron Shield-vladtron.png

Anti-Rainbow Activism and Banishment

Once a powerful Knight of House VladTron and Grand Vizier to the King of Mocia, Sir VladTron was unable to stomach the kingdom's decline into humiliating Rainbowism under the rule of King MethHouse. Following an unsuccessful campaign to return to normal armor colors, VladTron was denied hue process and banished to GoneDomino Prison for refusing to recant his anti-colorist beliefs. The prison transport was mysteriously destroyed en route, and VladTron was believed killed in the explosion.

The VladTron Cult

Following his "death," VladTron became a cult figure and martyr to the increasingly desperate victims of Mocia's Rainbowist oppression. Growing pockets of anti-colorist resistance fighters took the banner of VladTron as their symbol.

Some time later, VladTron reappeared in the lost ruins of DarkTron I, where he had been hiding in secret, researching forbidden DarkTron sorcery and plotting revenge. The growing unrest and the rise of the VladTron cult in Mocia had been directly orchestrated by VladTron himself, using his newfound DarkTron powers of influence and intrigue.

The VladTron Rebellions

Gathering the survivors of DarkTron and returning to Mocia in force as Lord VladTron, he was seen by many as a savior. Knights flocked to his banner, particularly those of the disgraced House Shadho, becoming his main force of Shadho Knights. Lord VladTron used his powers of DarkTron mind control to seal their loyalty, and led them in a series of unsuccessful uprisings against the throne of Mocia known as the VladTron Rebellions.