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TL 5
Guerrilla Rebellion
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Yellow Castle
Notable People

Following increasing anti-Liteside sentiment in secret conspiratorial organizations along the edges of known space, the DarkTron Anonymocracy burst forth in BR 1,987. As DarkTron societies began forming openly on fringe planets, a previously unknown leader appeared, naming himself Vladimir and taking unconfirmable credit for the movement.

At the peak of the DarkTrons' existence, their numbers were in the millions. They all formed up in an attempt to destroy Yellow Castle and with it the Royal Bloodline. For Vladimir knew that to destroy Yellow Castle was to ruin the orderly order of the Liteside. After the order had been destroyed, Vladimir intended to destroy all dictionaries... but at the last second the Yellow King deployed a secret weapon which caused the disappearance of not only Vladimir and the DarkTron from the BrikVerse, but the Yellow King and Yellow Castle as well.

Vladimir and his armies are believed by many to have returned in the form of Lord VladTron, who has done nothing to either confirm or deny the rumors. Many of the underground communities from which the DarkTron originated have survived to become Inanimous.