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When battles reach epic level, Super and Hyper creations become more common. This Epitek is the most advanced and sophisticated teknology available and may come in any form.

Super Tek

Super Teknologies are the second largest creations to show themselves on a battlefield. There is no direct classification for Super Tek, but usually they're just big vehicles with bigger guns. Examples of Super Tek include the Assyrian Armoured Core, the Immortal Blood-Wrath, the Thermion PA, and Scythian Behemoth. Only factions with access to an incredible amount of teknology can construct Super Tek of any kind. Such creations are not all massive in size but all require amazing feats of engineering.

Hyper Tek

Hyper Teknologies are the ultimate in stuff-breaking technology. Not only do they break the physical aspects of a battle field, but the use of Hyper Tek can even break the mighty and all powerful Rules. It does this by utilizing pure Awesome and unbridled Creativity. Some very advanced civilizations have begun testing teknologies which might be capable of producing the desired effect but few have actually completed one yet. A famous example of this is the Dark Star, capable a destroying entire planets with its luminous beam of all-encompassing power. It almost, but not quite, harnessed enough pure Awesome to be considered a Hyper Tek weapon. Hyper Tek skirts the boundaries of what it is currently possible to achieve with teknology. Its development pushes those boundaries, sometimes expanding them and causing MythiTek to become a reality.

The Progress of Teknology

Teknology is always advancing. Some BrikWars players might identify a particular piece of tek as belonging to a particular Tek Level. However, in the space of a few short years, conceptual understanding of teknology as a whole could change. Players might redefine old teknologies into lower Tek Levels, or even into whole new categories having nothing to do with TLs. Already, as of R. 2,013, some players are rejecting the TL school of thought entirely. For minifigs, the process is even more involved and complex. BrikVerse inhabitants may be confronted with any number of things, including the entire range of possible teknology, at any time and so are constantly, as individuals, forced to modify their understanding of teknology. Minifigs are highly adaptable creatures. A primitive minifig society is able to nearly instantaneously acclimate to suddenly becoming a starfaring civilization upon the arrival of a crashed starship, for instance.


Many players do not want to claim the vaunted Tek Level 7, for fear of being labeled munchkins, douchebags with superiority complexes, or otherwise generally pretentious. It's a little like calling Superman in a game of Cops and Robbers. However, the entire argument is becoming more of a moot point as teknology, and its associated philosophy, advances. TL 7 is, whatever disdain or fear may be associated with it, on the list of available teknologies, per that school of thought. It is not, therefore, relegated only to the realm of myth and untapped imagination. That is reserved for what would be referred to in that older teknologikal model as Tek Level 8 and above, though it does not necessarily need to fit within the TL schema and bear that designation. MythiTek is teknology that is not currently usable by minifigs and is, of course, a highly relative concept. Due to the minifig propensity for adaptation and versatility, MythiTek does not tend to remain mythic for very long. Some MythiTek, however, such as that described as being from the end of time in R. 3,955, is locked behind a veil of obscurity that may not part until a specific time or event occurs.