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A NegaPortal opens on Arkeais, vomiting forth several hordes of NegaFigs.

A NegaPortal is a dimensional gateway or open rift between any given universe and the NegaVerse. Inhabitants of the NegaVerse are often so disgusted with or so perversely proud of their own universe that they want desperately to escape to or invade and impose NegaTaint on other universes. Thus, the majority of such portals are intentionally generated on the Nega side. NegaPortals are most commonly military affairs, great gaping conduits through which march the legions of the Nega-BlokTrix. Many of these particular NegaPortals open into the BrikVerse, as the two universes share an intense and historied enmity. The overwhelming majority of NegaPortals are temporary affairs, blinking in and out of existence all over the MultiVerse, but particularly advantageous or stable routes between verses are sometimes made permanent. The existence of a permanent NegaPortal causes NegaTaint to spread steadily throughout the sister universe.