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The BrikWorld Arkeais hangs at the fringes of a galaxy sadly far removed from the wanton, careless, and chaotic destruction caused by the star empires at the metaphorical heart of the BrikVerse. But it is no stranger to a delightful array of violence. Its inhabitants have stood as a bulwark against encroaching tides of NegaVerse warriors since time immemorial. So long have they fought against the Nega-Blox (whose portals into this universe are mysteriously and disturbingly stable in this region of space), they have become fractious, unable to decide how best to end the seemingly eternal threat (and also to sometimes indulge in gleeful violence against one another in order to avoid the insanity spawning, mind numbing, monotony of the easy blok kill).

Arkeais sits at the center of a MultiVersal Nexus, and so the NegaPortals aren't the only otherworldly intrusions despite being the most prevalent and the most dangerous. Arkeais is a HubPlanet, calling out through all existence and drawing other realities to its timespace like moths to a flame. Originally a BrikWorld, Arkeais has become increasingly cut off from its home dimension as its natural properties bend the fabric of reality around it. Though still technically connected more to the BrikVerse than any other Verse, none can say how long that will remain the situation. Eventually, if left unchecked, Arkeais will isolate itself into its own pocket reality, its only contact with anywhere or anywhen else being the unstable portals which riddle the planet itself and the space immediately surrounding it.

Arkeaisian Factions

There are hundreds of Arkeaisian Factions, with minor ones popping up everyday. Some are new and some are very, very old. There are factions within factions, factions that exist solely to combat other factions or subvert their influence in some way, factions that mimic cults of personalities, factions that place their faith in objects of power instead, factions that are offspring of older factions, factions which were once one faction but then became two due to time and/or distance apart, and so on and so forth. Whether due to experience, great influence, or sheer power, however, there are only a handful of major Arkeaisian Factions. Though these major factions certainly come into conflict with one another often, they are able to affect more change than their smaller cousins and can spend more of their time and resources fighting the invaders. Without these powerful leaders, Arkeais would fall under Nega control in a matter of hours.

DragonRiders of StormHall

The DragonRiders of StormHall are an elite band of warriors trained to ride and fight on and with their dragon mounts. They operate from a floating castle keep called StormHall which rides a massive storm cloud through the skies of Arkeais, a domain they consider to be under their control, no matter where the winds may take them. The Riders believe in controlling and using the Nega threat, rather than impotently waging war against it. Many of their dragon mounts are Nega creatures and NegaVamps pepper their ranks, proving their philosophy.

The Order of Automatic Binding

The Order of Automatic Binding is a knightly order dedicated to the stalwart defense of Arkeais who reason that the NegaVerse will eventually either get the idea and stop sending agents through the portals or they will run out of warriors to send. They look forward to the promised time of building and rebuilding the BrikWorld 1x1 brick at a time.

Sons of Mim

The Sons are a purist, extremist rebel faction who believe that the only way to save the BrikWorld from NegaTaint is to destroy it utterly. Many of the Sons are convinced that a new world will be born from the molten fires of the last, all impurities burned away. This prophecy is likely supported by the amazing ability possessed by many of their Heroes to reshape and control ABS on a molecular level. At any rate, the Sons of Mim are united by the driving philosophy that if they can’t play well, they will at least die well.