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Law Enforcement & Civil Protection Agency
Tek Level 7
Maintains a presence across much of the Alpha cluster, often overlapping other factions.

Headquarters: Anwar City *Destroyed*

Any and all Peace disturbers
Notable People

OSKOM, Roughly translated from Monolyth Script to "Emergency Civil Defense Kommand" . Is a faction from the Monolith Battleplates. Established to secure the populations and cities of the Central region following the Anwar incident, a terrorist attack that destroyed the Demigod peacekeepers of the realm. Even after the fall of the Anwar Administration, OSKOM continued in it's mission to protect the innocent.

Ethos & Objectives

OSKOM Exists as localized police detatchments who's sole job is to uphold Law and Order in civilized zones. Their purpose is to counter lightly armed criminals and terrorists, not to fight in wars against heavily armed factions


OSKOM units are largely independent, there is no central command structure or Leader. The most that exists are regional commands that coordinate multiple units over a vast region.


OSKOM forces are mostly comprised of light troops with lightly armored vehicles and aircraft. Patrol officers normally wear nothing but light armor and fancy hats, while tactical units wear a standardized blue armored suit and white helmet.

OSKOM units are armed with an array of sidearms, shotguns, and small guns. Their armaments vary by detatchment