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The Noble Forum Code of Elmagnifico is as follows:

  • 6. For some reason, lists always start with 6.
  • 7. This is a special forum, where a lot of people are jerks. Ignore the jerks because they suck.
    • 7.1 There are a lot of in-jokes on the board. It might take a while to learn them all. They constantly change though, so no one really knows them all.
    • 7.2 The forum lives under a "survival of the fittest topic" regime, meaning if something's got enough interest to be discussed in X thread, it's going to get discussed in X thread, come hell or high mods. We even have an emote for it.
    • 7.3 The board is divided into many categories. If you want to see things people created, visit The Armoury or Bricks. To talk about current events or other stuff not related to BrikWars, visit General Discussion. For rules questions or discussion you can look at the The Rulebook and Bonus Material forums. To see pictures of a BrikWars battle, or to participate in an online battle you can check out Battle Reports and Forum Battles respectively.
    • 7.4 Threads can be won or lost. You win a thread if someone else likes your response to it so much that they declare you the winner. Sometimes more than one person will have to declare you the winner for the thread to die though.
    • 7.5 Political threads have more trolling than other threads, so turn on your Troll Radar when viewing a thread in Marblecake or General Discussion.
    • 7.6 The Thunderdumb forum is a sick experiment devised by Natalya where all of the mods of the other forums are mods. Basically, because there are like 20 mods for this one forum, there is trolling and mod abuse on an unimaginable scale. Avoid Thunderdumb if you want to avoid needless stupidity.
  • 8. J+B can't type for peanuts, and likes to troll. Ignore anything he says if it's not made of Legos.
  • 9. Stay away from Tarren and all Tarren-contaminated posts. If he does post, odds are it's a dick or a troll.
  • 10. Minifigs are divided into two classes: Peach and Yellow. Peaches are the tan and cream skinned minifigs that come in movie sets. Yellows are normal minifigs. The forum is thus divided as well, and there is constant war between the two.
  • 11. Lists shouldn't go past 10.
  • 13. Have fun!
  • 15. Never contradict Rayhawk, our supreme overlord.
    • 15.1 Stubby is Rayhawk's alt. You can contradict Stubby as much as you want.
    • 15.2 Rayhawk is a pretty cool guy, eh? Invented Brikwars and doesn't afraid of anything!!
    • 15.3 Some of our in-jokes come from 4chan, including the one you just read.
    • 15.4 Rayhawk has a perversely satiric sense of humour and a libertine ideology.
  • 16. You can never have enough fire or red bushes.
    • 16.1 You can never have enough Dakka either.
  • 17. In order to obey rule #13, do not be afraid to bend all other rules, including those of physics, gravity, and motion. So long as you steer clear of rules #14 and 15.

Following this will increase your chance of survival in the forum by an unknown amount.

Short History Of the Code

The Code was first heard on April 26, at 6:00 A.M. GMT, in the 2,009th G.R. It was told secondly to the young Leprechaun, on May 25, 2:51 A.M. GMT, in the 2,009th G.R., who, later in life, publicized it so all could be taught. Since that fateful event, many have heard its call and been partially saved. Elmagnifico has since been seen to preach the code to n00bs from his sig, and it is revered. However, this was partially eclipsed by the Muffin Registration Act occurring at the same time, but despite this, the Code has lived a significantly longer time. On March 4th, 5:16 A.M. GMT, of G.R. 2,011, Leprechaun modified the code to pertain to slightly more recent topics, as it had begun to become outdated. It was again modified by Natalya in G.R. 2012.