Serican Empire

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Serican Empire
Realm-Wide Regime *Destroyed*
Tek Level 7
Once held influence over the entire Realm of [Mir]].

Headquarters: City of Anwar *Destroyed*

Black Legion, Ordo Omega
Notable People

The Serican Empire was the Ancient ruler of the realm of Mir. A civilization of powerful mages, that dabbled in genetic manipulation and other high tek wonders. They gradually fell out of relevance as other civilizations rebelled against their rule

A Serican Mage of the Beta Dynasty . Art credit to Ninja_Bait

Their overlordship of the realm was divided into two periods, known as the Serican Alpha, and Beta. The split occuring at the end of an event known to history only as "The Uprising" Each of these periods were defined by rule by different dynasties, or competing families and clans within the Serican society.

Neither Empire maintained a standing of their own. Instead they relied on limited numbers of powerful mages, beastfig servant armies, and genetic monstrosities to bully the rest of the realm around.

In a Post-Serican world, the few that remain are nothing more than bickering, bitter aristocrats that have lost the overwhelming majority of their fortunes and power. And they typically spend more time fighting with other Serican Remnant families over inconsequential trinkets, rather than being any real political or military entity.


The Serican City of Anwar, before it's destruction this plate world was considered the Diplomatic and Economic capital of the realm. In a Realm where thanks to advanced Tek, there were few shortages and even death wasn't a concern. During the era of the Serican Beta, Anwar was a place where all factions could meet on neutral ground.
Order Notes
Alpha The Original Dynasty of Serican Rule. They dominated and subjugated the realm. They were dissolved at the conclusion of the Uprising.
Beta The Beta Dynasty was neutered remnant of Serican power that was allowed to continue existing after the Uprising. They shared the Realm with other civilizations, and played a much smaller role until they largely disintegrated and fled the realm during the Crash. Very small scattered remnants may still exist that didnt side with the Gamma Dynasty.
Omega The Omega Order was faction of the Beta that refused to leave the realm during the Crash. Led by a single family, They reorganized with non Serican followers to become the Ordo Omega. Thus They are considered to have strayed from the path, and are on hostile terms with other Serican remnants. Their decision to cooperate with "Commoners" saw them branded as heretics by the other Sericans. However the reality is, The Ordo Omega is a major power of the realm, And the "True Sericans" are all but forgotten now.
Gamma The Gamma Order assumed leadership of the Serican Empire in the Post-Collapse era. While they are more powerful than what remains of the Beta Dynasty, they are still little more than an underground movement of schemers desperately trying to seize control of a realm that fell forever out of their reach a long time ago.