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Some characters in the BrikVerse are gifted with extraordinary powers called SuperNatural Abilities. These powers enable them to accomplish incredible feats far beyond the ken of their MerelyNatural counterparts, defying the very forces that hold the BrikVerse together or twisting them to achieve their own ends. Since BrikWars is concept inclusive and multi-genre, these SuperNatural Abilities run the gamut from Magik to high Science to SuperHeroic and anything else a Player can imagine. Virtually any descriptor can apply due to the incredibly open ended nature of the system, as presented in the 2010 ruleset.

Under those rules, characters buy a certain number of different die types using Construction Points. These dice may only be spent in such a way that satisfies their SuperNatural Cliche, the basic descriptors that narratively define the character's powers. When they are spent, they are used to create SuperNatural Effects by manipulating key rules concepts like Range, Damage, Armor, Movement, Skill, and Mind. Spent SuperNatural Dice return to the character at the beginning of their next turn but SuperNatural characters can create persistent effects by leaving the dice in place, thus losing access to them in the meantime. Completing the subsystem is an innovative feature where SuperNatural fumbles create sabotage dice which can be turned against the SuperNatural Character by the opposing player.