The Time Before Spacemen

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The Time Before SpaceMen was a prehistoric era. The minifig had not evolved into its current state yet. Minifigs were instead armless, legless, blocks with heads known as DUPLO (or Devolved Uranium Powered Leg-Ore) or Proto-figs. These DUPLO felt the urge to do battle, but were thwarted by their lack of limbs. Due to lack of carrying out violence, many DUPLO were slaughtered for food by the Dungan Jaw-Jaws. Luckily, the high quantity of ABS in Leg-Ore, combined with the radiation from the uranium caused faster evolution, and within years, the DUPLO had limbs. Immediately, The DUPLO began war on each other and finally drove the Jaw-Jaws off, to be nearly destroyed later. Unfortunately, the only way of attacking they had was punching and shoving. (no weapons, and no independent legs.) They did not have alliances, as their brains were not advanced enough to comprehend them. Instead, they had a constant free for all. Eventually, they evolved even further, to creatures with longer arms, taller bodies, and independent legs.

Over time, Their minds became sharper, and the Minifig was born. Only years after the dawn of the Minifig, a species of less evolved ogre like creatures was discovered, originating from the Negaverse. They were sarcastically referred to as "Nega-Blox". A mass genocidal war was waged against the Nega-Blox, with both sides gaining leaders. The minifig had the deadly spaceman, and the Nega-Blox had The Nega-Bloktrix. The last battle of the war was called "The fall of The Minifig", because even though they won, many brave minifigs were forever trapped in the Nega-Robo-Demon suits. The battle is said to have been fought by all creatures on both sides, with each side's greatest technology. The battle took place around the halls of the dread pirate 2x2, with the elite forces of both sides entering the halls. Eventually, the Nega-Bloktrix and her army were banished below the baseplates. In wrath, the Nega-Bloktrix released peace, peaches, dimmies, CLO, and the CLOan brands. It is said that the Nega-Bloktrix will arise again, and the deadly space man will return, and that on that day the very universe will be torn asunder in an epic battle known as the "Ragnablok". This has kept many scientists busy creating anti-nega-blox weapons. Nega-Blox occasional spill into the LEG-Ore world, but are usually defeated pretty easily.