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Rev. Sylvanus

Battle Reporter and BrikWarrior

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Rev. Sylvanus (SigFig)
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For the record, Rev. Sylvanus is actually a Reverend. Seriously. He's got the degree and the collar to prove it. LEGO have long factored into the Rev's free time, beginning with nostalgic collections of classic castle products, eventually transmorphing into a love for war gaming. Rev. first stumbled upon BrikWars during a random internet excursion. As other hobby games were often out of his price-range, BrikWars became a staple at Rev's gaming events. Rev's charisma has successfully inducted numerous other personages into the hobby, and he has met and battled such brikwarriors as Lord Mercat, dirtycajun, and lawmaster.

Rev. Sylvanus takes great pleasure in photographically documenting his battles and narrating Battle Reports for the reading pleasure of the BrikWars Forums. Though BrikWars itself internally deconstructive--and ultimate satire--, the Rev. does enjoy a technical and tactical game. Many of his battle reports include musings on the tactics of war gaming, and he delights in experimenting with unit movements and combat possibilities.

Lucien Sylvanus

Lucien Sylvanus is the given name to a regent of Wyvar in the Eastfold Isles of Medivo. He received regional renown as a charismatic, reverent leader and somewhat reckless youth. Legend holds that Lucien himself was the one to filch a griffin egg from a mother's next, providing the Dragon Guard with their very own war griffin.

As a battlefield commander, Lucien often leads infantry on foot, wielding swords and warhammers with equal skill. Some time before ascending to rulership of Wyvar, he befriended the Majistik Order of Wizards. These cantankerous old men quickly became his mentors, bolstering the ranks of Lucien's military with sufficient magikal might.