War of the Volhinyan Succession

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The Volhinyan Civil war, or War of the Volhinyan Succession was a short conflict in the northern systems of the Gold Sector that came as a result of the Second Battle of Outer Haven when Kynaz Magadan II died on Outer Haven, leaving the Volhinyan Kynazdom to collapse into a 3-way successionist conflict between Austrian backed Royalists, Soviet backed Communists, and Trattorian backed Technocrats. The War didn't garner much attention as it was quite small, and was over quickly. It ultimately ended in a Technocratic victory but the Volhinyan systems were left balkanized and continued fighting well after the main succession war ended


Queen Magadana's Royalists

After Kynaz Magadan II died in battle, there was no heir to inherit the leadership of the Monarchy, traditionally Women were not allowed to be the ruler, so his Wife was excluded. However repetitive bickering between the aristocrats and elites over who would take the mantle continued to rise and it looked as if fighting would break out.

Bruno of Spartak claimed that he was a cousin of Magadan, and therefor the heir. Unwilling to have a professional village idiot as their ruler, the Royal Army quickly gave in and installed Queen Magadana as the new ruler as to put an end to the arguing. This backfired horribly as the new Queen was as egotistical as Bruno, she was also cruel and malevolent, and Volhinya was quickly turned into a personal fiefdom that served only to amuse her.

The Queen became a ruler of a warzone, After pissing off literally everyone, the bulk of the Army deserted to fight for the Scientists and intellectuals, So her commanders resorted to conscripted levies and peach mercenaries to re-create the Royal Army

Worker's Army of the Red Line

With the support of the USSSR, Miners from a series of space stations on the northern border of Volhinya and the Gold Sector, Rebelled against the elitist monarchy, and took over the stations establishing the "Red Line", Robbing Volhinya of it's main mining resources and spitting in the face of the Queen's ego. She had the Royal Army go on a paranoid rampage, arresting and executing anyone thought to be a spy for the Communist Red Line

Kingdom of Sparda

By now. Bruno of Spartak decided he would lay claim to the throne and rebelled against the Queen's establishment, The Kingdom of Sparda was founded and they intended to take over the entire region, Sparda however was a complete joke, they were utterly crushed by the Red Line before they even had a chance to fight the Royalists, Bruno then moved his operations to a single capital ship and used it as a mobile base. The Spardans becoming little more than wannabee toughguy raiders.

Volhin Sovereignty

The last group to emerge from the breakdown was the Technocrats, As the Queen's rule became more and more brutal, Scientists and Intellectuals started to resign and desert, Then the big move happened when much of the Royal Army deserted with them, It wouldn't take long for them to wipe out the Royalists and secure victory in the war.

Volhinyan Civil War

Location: Northeastern Gold Sector

Ongoing since R2017