M1A1 Jackson

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M1 Jackson
M1 Jackson 1.jpeg
Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Move: 12"

Structure Level: 4

Size: 9"

Height: 3"
Width: 4.5"
Length: 9"

Crew: 3 (1 Pilot, 2 Gunners)

Power Source: 1500hp multi-fuel turbine engine

Manufactured by ABS Defence Systems

x1 120mm MK.3 Smoothbore Gun (Size 5")

x1 L1 Javelin Missile (Size 4")

x3 .50 cal Machine Gun (Size 2")

x2 M3 Grenade Launcher (Size 1")


M1 Jackson prototype at ABS Defence Systems Proving ground - Main Battle Tank

Starting as a joint project between United Dynamics and ABS Systems, the M1 Jackson was designed to be both lethal and responsive in combat. United Dynamics, having needed to replace the aging M1A5 Diplomat for some time, decided to ask ABS Systems to work on a joint vehicle project. Incorporated into the Jackson are composite armour technologies developed at ABS Systems and missile and computer systems from United Dynamics, with the remaining weapon systems installed by ABS Systems.


[[File:|175px|thumb|right| ]] [[File:|175px|thumb|right| ]]

Length: 9"

Width: 4.5"

Height: 3"

Mass: N/A

Structure Level: 4

Speed: 12"

Cost Per Unit: 98 CP


As of BR 2,015, a Jackson's crew consists of two gunners and one pilot.


x1 120mm MK.3 Smoothbore Gun - Size 5

x1 L1 Javelin Missile - Size 4

x2 .50 cal Machine Gun - Size 2

x2 M3 Grenade Launcher - Size 1

x1 TROPHY MK.2 - TROPHY is an active defence system, able to intercept rockets before making contact with a friendly vehicle. It has a minimum range of 10", with four uses.


The M1A1 is the current iteration of the Jackson Main Battle Tank.

Stat Card

M1A1 Jackson Statcard.png