Armoured Fighting Vehicle

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An armoured (or armored) fighting vehicle (AFV) is a combat vehicle, protected by strong armor and generally armed with weapons, which combines operational mobility, tactical offense and defensive capabilities. AFVs can be wheeled or tracked. It is not uncommon for AFVs to be simply referred to as "armor".

Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Armoured fighting vehicles are classified according to their intended role on the battlefield and characteristics. This classification is not absolute; at different times different factions will classify the same vehicle in different roles. For example, armoured personnel carriers were generally replaced by infantry fighting vehicles in a similar role, but the latter has some capabilities lacking in the former. There may also be hybrid vehicles, such as the Invicta family of MBTs.


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Main Battle Tank

Main battle tanks are the lead tanks in many armies. They are the linchpins around which revolve the most successful stratagems. Main tanks are typically slower than other battle tanks but maintain a higher survivability ratio (through their heavier armour plating) and a greater offensive capability (through versatility or higher grade of weaponry).

Light Tank

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Tank Destroyer

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Infantry Fighting Vehicle

An infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), also known as a mechanized infantry combat vehicle (MICV), is a type of armored fighting vehicle used to carry infantry into battle and provide direct fire support.

IFVs are similar to armoured personnel carriers, designed to transport a section or squad of infantry (generally between five and ten soldiers) and their equipment. They are differentiated from APCs— which are purely "troop-transport" vehicles armed only for self-defense— because they are designed to give direct fire support to the dismounted infantry and so usually have significantly enhanced armament. IFVs also often have improved armour and some have firing ports (allowing the infantry to fire personal weapons while mounted).

Self-Propelled Artillery


Assault Gun

Mortar Carrier

Multiple-Launch Rocket System

Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon


Armoured Personnel Carrier

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) are vehicles that are used to transport infantry safely into the battlefield. APCs are usually used to transport troops through areas where ambushes are common. APCs are usually armed with a few small (MK1) weapons, although sometimes they are armed with more powerful weapons for defense. Smoke grenade launchers are commonly equipped, providing a sight screen for defensive or offensive purposes.

Weapons and Armor

APCs are designed for transporting troops through potential ambush points, and therefore usually have a single weapon that can fire in any direction on top, APCs are also usually armored to defend the occupants from enemy snipers or heavy weapons.

Propulsion Systems

Due to the fact that APCs are used for protection and movement of units, they usually have either treads or wheels. Flying armored transports such as helicopters, hover vehicles, and drop pods are also common for faster transport.

Armoured Car

In the middle of BR 2,009 a number of factions were inspired to build armoured cars. These vehicles combine the rugged maneuverability of a jeep with the armour of a infantry fighting vehicle. However, they are far from a perfect synthesis, having lost some of the IFV's durability and the raw agility associated with a jeep. Yet they are still a popular commodity, especially amongst nations whose budgets necessitate compromise in their fleets. While styles may vary, the most common in the middle of BR 2,009 was an iteration of the Jaguar, which was first fielded by Riot forces in the battle of Blood Day. The Riot were not victorious - however, the design of their vehicle became incredibly popular, influencing many derivatives. Because its style was copied extensively, its specifications will be detailed here so that its counterparts can be compared to it.