Canadia Star Legion

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Canadia Star Legion
Star Federation
Tek Level 6
Controls the Rupert Sector
None listed

United Klingdom

Notable People
Polar Bears

Major Natalya

Steven Harbl

Space Canadian forces.

"You know you wish you were Canadian." - Old Klingon Proverb

The Canadia Star Legion is a TL 6 society that lives in horribly frozen conditions in the Rupert Sector of the Nehellenium Galaxy. They have a large territory, a comparatively small population, and advanced techknowlogy, especially related to cold weather conditions.


The Canadia Star Legion has a long history. They are the descendents of an ancient Brittanian expedition that traveled into the Rupert Sector. Daemonic and evil energies pervade the Rupert Sector, bringing the temperature on many of the worlds well below absolute zero. The Brittanians knew this before the expedition so they bought equipment from Ice World to use on the trip, but it wasn't enough. The fleet got stranded in orbit around a frozen death world far from civilization. They landed their ships and tried to carve out an underground base, but robotic ice dragons and radioactive polar bears destroyed much of their equipment and killed many of them. The survivors were forever stranded in the frozen wastelands.

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