Leopard 2A6

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Leopard 2A6
Leopard 2A6 Arid.jpeg
Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Federal Republik of Germeny
Move: 12"

Structure Level: 3

Size: 8"

Height: 3"
Width: 4"
Length: 8"

Crew: 4 (1 Commander, 1 Gunner, 1 Loader and 1 Driver)

Power Source: 1500hp Twin-turbo diesel engine

Manufactured by ABS Defence Systems

x1 L/55 120mm Smoothbore Gun (Size 6")

x2 .30 cal Machine Gun (Size 2")

A completely rebuilt and modernised Leopard 2 proudly flying the Deutschland flag.

Designed and built by ABS Defence Systems, the Leopard 2A6 is the standard Main Battle Tank of the Bundeswehr. Utilising best in-class armour, firepower and mobility, the Leopard 2 is a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. With the recent addition of composite armour and a laser rangefinder, this cat is a true predator.


The engine bay, which houses the MTU MB 873 engine.

Length: 8"

Width: 4"

Height: 3"

Mass: N/A

Structure Level: 3

Speed: 12"

Cost Per Unit: 114 CP


The Leopard 2A6's crew consist of a commander, gunner, loader and driver.


A Leopard 2 sending rounds downrange.

x1 L/55 120mm Smoothbore Gun - Size 6

x2 30. cal Coaxial Machine Gun - Size 2

Technology & Equipment

x16 Smoke Grenade Launchers: Can be utilised to break line of sight from enemy forces.

Composite Armour: Depending on the structural level, composite armour adds a bonus to the defence roll of the vehicle. However, this bonus only applies to the frontal third of the vehicle.

Fire Control System: Negates the penalties usually incurred on a vehicle for firing on the move and for aiming at a small target.

Thermal Imagery: Adds +2 skill to the skill roll and home-in ability of both the commander and gunner.

Laser Rangefinder: Using a 1d6 to determine the outcome, the laser rangefinder can be utilised to add +6 to the gunner's skill roll. If however the 1d6 roll is unsuccessful (ie a 1), then the gunner receives a -6 skill penalty.


Leopard 2A6M CAN+

Stat Card

Der Leopard 2A6 Statcard.png