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Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) are vehicles that are used to transport infantry safely into the battlefield. APCs are usually used to transport troops through areas where ambushes are common. APCs are usually armed with a few small (MK1) weapons, although sometimes they are armed with more powerful weapons for defense. Smoke grenade launchers are commonly equipped, providing a sight screen for defensive or offensive purposes.

Weapons and Armor

APCs are designed for transporting troops through potential ambush points, and therefore usually have a single weapon that can fire in any direction on top, APCs are also usually armored to defend the occupants from enemy snipers or heavy weapons.

Propulsion Systems

Due to the fact that APCs are used for protection and movement of units, they usually have either treads or wheels. Flying armored transports such as helicopters, hover vehicles, and drop pods are also common for faster transport.