BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!
Battle Reports, Halloween Hellhunt - November 10, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Halloween Hellhunt has just finished and it was a huge success this year. We had ten battles, which gives this year the second highest battle count of all time! The submissions are all very good and the scores were pretty close, but it was Kommander Ken who came out on top with his terrific battle, Chilled to the Bone. Pitting his Frostborne against an undead army he nailed this years theme of Skeleton War while creating a high quality battle that is incredibly fun to read. This year’s Halloween Hellhunt may be over, but mark you calendar for next year when we’ll do it all again. Until next time!

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The skeleton of Ignaz is revived for another assault on the living

BrikWars turns 20 today! Still not old enough to drink (at least here in the States), but we’re celebrating as we do every year with another Halloween Hellhunt running from October 18 to November 7.

This year’s 2015 Hellhunt has been taken over by the Skeleton War, harbinged by our seasonal visitor, mr skeltal. Armies of skeletons are invading the ongoing battles and storylines, even attacking the forum members themselves, and so far no one has been able to stop them.

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I’m loving all of Bluefog’s battles at the moment and all of you should check them out.

First one that caught my eye is his awesome “Battle of the Seven Seas”. The ships are fantastic as is that skull island.

Next is “Defend Women and Children” which features a great battlefield with…ROOMS! Yes that’s right, rooms. I love rooms and it really is a testimony to the amount of long 1 X whatever bricks are in Bluefog’s collection.

Last of all, and my favorite: Pinky Pie’s Revenge. With a map that is haphazardly thrown together and a giant , non-lego figure in the middle this battle really showcases what Brikwars is all about.


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Brick Links, Bricks - June 30, 2015

Tim Schwalfenberg has some put together some incredible scenes. The first two photos are of his amazing StarCraft diorama, and the third is titled ‘Cyber Slums’. Check out his full flickr gallery for the rest of his work.

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Brick Links, Bricks - June 19, 2015

Some apocalypse scenes for your Friday viewing pleasure. My favorite has to be Olivia’s house all boarded up and run down. Someone needs to make a Brikwars army full of those weird looking mini-dolls. They’d have great looking hair while being blown to smithereens.

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Bonus Material, Stat Cards - June 10, 2015

In case you didn’t know, I love a well printed stat card. Coming from a background in graphics I think everyone who plays Brikwars should have the very best resources to play with. What ever your skill is with ‘the photoshops’ or with GIMP check out some links below to help you make your games better.


WestNordOst’sStat Card Generator (UPDATED!)Forum Topic

bluebright’s Stat Card Template 2015 Revision and Weapon Stat Sheet - Stat Card Topic - Stat Sheet Topic

Brikwars Original Supplements Page

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Brick Links - June 5, 2015

Just a reminder that you can gain more Brikwars goodness from subscribing to the official subreddit or by following our pintrest feed curated by none other than Lord Rayhawk himself. That’s right, Mike takes time away from washing his yacht and gargling his prize winning greyhounds to bring you the best plastic construction toy violence the net has to offer.

Brikwars on Reddit

Rayhawks Pintrest Feed

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Uncategorized - June 3, 2015

Hi there, here’s some of the goings on in the forum recently. The first is from Zahru II’s ever going saga of forum battles and soap operas, while the other two are from the Armory. Enjoy!

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Bricks, Other Games - June 2, 2015

Even though stacks of people have already said “Oh it’s inevitable that LEGO would make a Minecraft clone” none of us really thought they would have the guts to do it. Thankfully we’re wrong and you can download the game right now!


I for one am incredibly excited but stopped short of buying just yet as there is currently no multiplayer (coming soon). The game will be in early access until around Q1 of 2016, but hey at least we can try it now!

First Five Minutes via Kotaku

Steam Store page with more info

Discussion Thread

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Bonus Material - May 31, 2015

A few in the forums have been playtesting a great new way of playing Brikwars: Objective Cards. If you play often, these are a great way to add a bit of variety to the game. Heck, even if you don’t play often it’s a fun way to create a situation that forces a player to choose whether to kill their best friends or push on to collect those extra hot dogs they needed.

Sir Sporktimus, whose work I love, has a great thread about his game plus another where stubby and I talk about various ways of assigning point values. Everyone loves points!


Sir Sporktimus’ Playtest

bluebright’s Traffic Light of Justice 



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