The Battle of the Konvergence has reached its ultimate end, locking Blue Guy in eternal combat with the Four Horsemen of Ragnablok in the Kanon Ball singularity and driving a stake in the Nehellennium timeline. Minifigs are free once again to move about the universe and adhere to whatever level of kontinuity they wish.

Piltogg is back and he is looking to finish off his long running Quest of Piltogg saga with a bang.

From the wiki page:
The Year is BR 2,017. In the lull following the great Galatic conquests of the Immortal War and the subsequent AN-TA war the Brikmason’s carefully laid plans have finally come to fruition. For many years now, the Brikmasons have been infiltrating Star-Nations all over the Galaxy, they Control the Media, They are Owners of Major Corportations, They Control Mass-transportation, Industry, Agriculture, Energy-Production, and often even the Military. All this has gone on in secret for years, and only now are they choosing to use all of their influence and power to strike. They have cut ties with the star-nations they have stolen from, refusing to supply or produce the goods they normally do. TV stations now Broadcast “Fake News” Designed to influence the public towards the Brikmason’s way of thinking. Major Cities have had their Power Cut, angering millions. Food from Rural Districts is no longer transported into these Major Cities, causing starvation and Civil Unrest. And many Military factories and instilations have been sabotauged or taken-over as well, severely inhibiting these Star Nations from fighting back.

So we have a new war brewing and things might get hairy. Hang on to your butts people. This should be a wild ride.

Mike - June 16, 2016 - Brick Links, Competitions, Events

I just spotted on The Brothers Brick that the Lego Military Annual Build Competition is back after a two-year hiatus. The categories for 2016 are Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 20th Century Battlefields, World of Tanks, Naval Aviation, and the Simpsons-themed Springfield’s Citizen Militia.

Ambush at Matua
Piltogg - May 28, 2014 - Battle Organization, Events

In the heart of the metropolitan masterpiece known as the Twin Cities, Minnesota, a battle of epic proportions rages on.

“The Nazis find the holy grail and are shipping it back to Berlin on an armoured train, but the Allies, BrikThulhu cultists and Inquisition attempt to intervene.”

This battle is available to all weekend pass holders at the World War Brick convention, put on by our friends at Brickmania.

Mike - December 14, 2008 - Battle Organization, Events

Nemo20k announces an upcoming tournament in January at Loki’s Games in Portland, OR:

Loki’s Games announces their first BrikWars Tournament in Portland, Oregon to be held on January 21, 2009 starting at 5pm.All Players must pre-register, and must have an approved army list ready *before* Jan 21. We will be hosting army list workshops on Dec 10th, 2008 and Jan 7th, 2009 from 4pm until 8pm.

Brickvention 2008: just one more reason to be jealous of Australians.
Mike - January 14, 2008 - Events

A couple of big Lego conventions are coming up for their second showings – Brickvention 2008 in Melbourne, Australia is less than two weeks away, and registration has just opened for Brickworld 2008 in Illinois in June.

As usual, Brickvention has both public and demonstration BrikWars events on the program, with prizes this year provided by Aussie Custom Decals, the official distributor of BrickArms in Australia.

Brickvention 2008 in Melbourne, Australia
BrikWars at Brickvention 2008
Aussie Custom Decals on
Brickworld 2008 in Wheeling, Illinois
Regular Alien and Albino Alien have a quick huddle to discuss an unorthodox battle strategy of not kicking any notable level of ass
Mike - May 8, 2007 - Battle Reports, Events

Unruly NELUG hooligans showed up at OurCon 17 at UMass-Amherst to represent the BrikWars in a series of bloody showdowns. Four recent Nelug battles saw successful reprises in convention form: It Takes A Pillage, VersaillesPunk, The Tox Uthat, and NasKart.

Wayne McCaul’s OurCon 17 article on
Wayne’s OurCon 17 gallery on
The New England LEGO User’s Group
Happy Halloween! And happy birthday BrikWars! Brikwars turns 11 today. Spoooooky!
Mike - October 31, 2006 - Brick Links, Brick Wargames, Events

Happy Halloween everybody!

I just got back home from a month of traveling, and what a month! It kicked off with NWBrickCon in Seattle, where BrickArms was showing off their new MP5 and PSG1 sniper rifle. I got a pile of the new items from BrickForge (formerly Red Bean Studio) right at about the same time; I’ll post further news and photos of all of these when I get a spare minute.

Ben Fleskes was up at the con doing demos of his new Lego strategy game – he hasn’t made any public announcement about it yet, but I from my play-through it was pretty cool indeed; I’m keeping an eye on his website for any news. I also had the chance to catch a quick lunch with Stephen Fisher while I was up there, who’s managed to beat me at every BrikWar I’ve played against him in the last five years or more.

Unfortunately anyone in my line of work knows that November’s the heaviest workload of the year, so it may be a little while before I have time to put up posts and photos for everything that’s going on lately – which means there’s also not a lot of hope for a printable PDF by Christmas this year; apologies to everyone who’s been asking. But keep your fingers crossed, you never know when I might suddenly get a free week off for Thanksgiving or something.

New guns on
Lots and lots of new stuff going on at BrickForge
Ben Fleskes’ site has no info about any new strategy game… yet