BRIKWARS is the building brick combat system that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into glorious mayhem!

Build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for toy supremacy, with a robust system to unleash the inner destruction toy of whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!

Brick Wargames

The guys at Brickmania are re-launching their Micro Tank Battle game from the past couple years of World War Brick conventions as the new and improved Micro Brick Battle, now with an updated rulebook and a supporting line of mini tank kits for sale.

Micro Brick Battle has a more streamlined rule system and a more specific focus on 1:120 scale WWII military conflicts than you may have come to expect from other brick-based wargames you might be familiar with. The $30 rulebook includes detailed building instructions for a whopping forty-four 1:120 scale WWII tanks from seven countries.

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Brikwars on Delve
Can you believe there are people that don’t know about Brikwars? I recently appeared as a guest on the Mad Adventurers Society’s podcast Delve to talk about Brikwars and how it led me to design my own board game Mothership.

Brikwars is a great war-game in so many ways and I hope I represented our community well. To discuss any stuttering or factual errors I made, please visit this forum topic.

The Kassarian fleet prepares for battle.
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Gladius posts to the forum with a full-fledged ruleset for microscale Lego spaceship combat, and cool microscale Lego spaceship photos to back it up.

Micro Space Wars by Lukas W.P. v1.8
Gladius’s microfleet Flickr gallery
Looks like I'm not the only one to discover the wonderous potential of the Fire Ring.
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Andrew Colunga’s ingeniously-named LEGO WAR GAME reminds me a lot of the Lego wargames I came up with as a kid, right down to the advanced graphite-on-paper publishing technology. The big difference is that his system resulted in several epic battles, while mine never got off the ground.
The Wig vs. Andrew in LEGO WAR Documentary #1: The Hot Gates
Also freakin’ sweet: Andrew’s “Rocket Launcher that Shoots Chainsaws”
Virtual minifigs come apart even easier than the plastic kind.
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Martin van Haeften and Brenny Pagniello write in with two new brick wargames. I haven’t had time to look at either too closely yet, but feel free to poke around their sites.

Martin’s LegoWar is an online multiplayer empire-building game that looks to be a web-based callback to Door games of old, for those of you who remember the days of old when we were still celebrating the miraculous advance from 300 to 1200 baud modems. The game seems to have completed several iterations and special in-game events.

Brenny’s Blok-Lok is a little closer to the kind of thing we’re used to seeing, a quick and easy minifig tabletop combat game pared down to bare essentials.

Martin van Haeften’s LegoWar
Brenny Pagniello’s Blok-Lok
Brik: Tactics battles result in a lot of dismemberments.
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Jamie Fristrom of GameDevBlog writes in:

“I bet you get a lot of e-mail from annoying people who say, “Hey, look at how I changed BrikWars, because I didn’t like it the way it was, and blah blah blah.” This is another one of those e-mails. Anyhow, I just posted my mod at, if you’re interested – it’s like QuikWars but even Quiker. Once you’ve set up, anyway.”

Jamie’s “Brik: Tactics” is a cool little mod that bases damage on chopping off minifig limbs, creating a horrific scene of mutilated combatants and discarded body parts strewn across the battlefield. Awesome!

(As an old-school Lego guy, I never took this route – the minifigs of the Eighties could have their shoulders and hips detached, but after a certain number of times they wouldn’t go back on again. Minifigs today are manfuactured to be more durable, so battle mutilation is a lot more feasible nowadays, but old habits dies hard.)

Although described as a BrikWars mod, “Brik: Tactiks” is a pretty unique and full-featured game in its own right, with a number of features that make it well worth a look. I especially like the modified initiative rules, and the callouts to influences from other wargames.

Brik: Tactics

The high point of this month’s Escapist magazine is a great article by Allen Varney. Entitled “LEGO Games – More ways to stack bricks than you can easily imagine,” it’s a quick overview of the wide world of Lego gaming, and a little of its culture and history.

BrikWars gets a fair amount of good press, but my favorite bit of the article comes near the end:

    “And how long until we get collectible LEGO games a la HeroClix? Designing a good clicky-base miniatures army feels (metaphorically) like assembling a model – that is, putting together a little machine with lots of complementary, interlocking parts.”

Isn’t that the truth!

LEGO Games – More ways to stack bricks than you can easily imagine
Giant Fighty Robots! Who can resist their fighty allure?
Mike - November 24, 2006 - Brick Wargames

This month Vincent Baker released one of my very favorite brick-based games as a commercial product – Mechaton is a game that’s impossible to not love, combining battling Lego mechs with some very clever and elegant dice mechanics.

Unfortunately the Lumpley Games site seems to be in some kind of transition state between discussing the esoterics of the game and actually trying to sell it, so it’s not completely easy to find all the relevant material just yet. I’ve gone through and collected good links here so you can connect the dots.

Lumpley Games
The original MechaTon rules PDFs
A Mechaton play report between Vincent, J, and Emily
“MECHATON: GIANT FIGHTY ROBOTS” for sale at the Lumpley Games online store
It's all about the bricks - even the BOW logo is made out of Lego elements.
Mike - November 12, 2006 - Brick Wargames

Here’s something I’ve been hoping to see someone try, a wargame using nothing but bricks, from dice to rulers to stat sheets. Alban NANTY has just announced his Bricks-Only Wargame on the Classic-Castle forums, and it’s played from top to bottom with Lego elements.

The Bricks Only Wargame
Banban’s announcement on the Classic-Castle forums
Happy Halloween! And happy birthday BrikWars! Brikwars turns 11 today. Spoooooky!
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Happy Halloween everybody!

I just got back home from a month of traveling, and what a month! It kicked off with NWBrickCon in Seattle, where BrickArms was showing off their new MP5 and PSG1 sniper rifle. I got a pile of the new items from BrickForge (formerly Red Bean Studio) right at about the same time; I’ll post further news and photos of all of these when I get a spare minute.

Ben Fleskes was up at the con doing demos of his new Lego strategy game – he hasn’t made any public announcement about it yet, but I from my play-through it was pretty cool indeed; I’m keeping an eye on his website for any news. I also had the chance to catch a quick lunch with Stephen Fisher while I was up there, who’s managed to beat me at every BrikWar I’ve played against him in the last five years or more.

Unfortunately anyone in my line of work knows that November’s the heaviest workload of the year, so it may be a little while before I have time to put up posts and photos for everything that’s going on lately – which means there’s also not a lot of hope for a printable PDF by Christmas this year; apologies to everyone who’s been asking. But keep your fingers crossed, you never know when I might suddenly get a free week off for Thanksgiving or something.

New guns on
Lots and lots of new stuff going on at BrickForge
Ben Fleskes’ site has no info about any new strategy game… yet