Armata Alliance

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Armata Alliance
City State Collective
Tek Level 7
Controls large swathes of Upsilon cluster, also present in Alpha cluster

Headquarters: Armata Citadel

Stroiteliga Bratva
Vorhut Order, Black Legion, Monolith Imperiya
Notable People

An Armata Jaeger, The Alliance's frontline troopers in their various conflicts. Art credit to Ninja_Bait

The Armata Alliance, sometimes referred to as the Collective is a grouping of city states hailing from the Upsilon territories of the western Monolith Battleplates. One of the oldest and most powerful players in the Realm. Known for inhabiting a highly contested territory, the Collective has very few friends. Their very homes are the battlegrounds for foreign interlopers. However They share Similar goals, and a lack of territorial disputes with the Stroiteliga Bratva, thus the two are generally considered to be allies.

Armata Alliance Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Light Gray Dark Gray Purple Smoked Yellow-Green Purple


The Armata Alliance is one of the oldest Empires active in the Monolith Realm, originating as a rebellion during the period of the Council of Anwar. The Collective of Industrialized settlements in the region had suffered from an ongoing war between the Vorhut and Black Legion. With Little assistance from the Council, they began arming themselves with heavy weapons designed by and for their own. Eventually the Aggressors would be forced to avoid Collective territory, but the Council opposed this sudden armament and tried to subdue them. After defeating the Council's invading armies, the Collective declared their Alliance official in the City-Plate of Armata.

Ethos & Objectives


The Armata Alliance is led by a group of representatives of each of the Collective's cities. Generally, the leader of Armata city will be given authority as the ruler of the Collective


The Armata Collective's name of the game is Maneuvering. Due to their smaller size, they learned to fight quick, and fight smart. The majority of their motor pool is either hover or walker based, giving them the advantage to outflank and outwit their enemies. Their ground troops also possess an affection for explosives, All Armata Jaegers are trained to use RPGs and Grenades, and such supplies are carried in abundance in Collective supply chains


Zag0.jpg Jaegers are the name given to Collective soldiers, their issued equipment is a little out of the ordinary compared to their rivals, they rely on heavy use of troop transports, and they also issue hand grenades to a lot of their troops, something that other factions strangely lagged behind in at the time that this first came into practice
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Soldier: D6/6"/4/4cp/Small Gun
    • Marksman: D6/5"/4/4cp/Big Gun
    • Demolitions: D6/5"/4/4CP/ Launched Explosive MK1
    • CT-Demolitions: D6/5"/4/8CP/ Small Gun , Thrown Explosive MK1
    • Gunner: D6/5"/4/4CP/ Heavy Automatic