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A New BrikVerse

BR 2019 ended in the Ragnablok Konvergence, with cataclysmic results. The BrikVerse that formed with the start of BR 2,020 was fundamentally different. Many individuals, factions, locations, and basic concepts of reality had been destroyed, or changed into new forms. Only a few places, such as the Anno Galaxy, had avoided the transformation. Of course, some people claim that Anno didn't even exist before Ragnablok, so believe whatever you want.

But Ragnablok wasn't just a force of destruction, it was also a force of creation. Many new factions appeared in BR 2,020, and immediately went to war, filling the BrikVerse from end to end with chaos and bloodshed.

The Battles of BR 2,020

Here is a list of the battles and wars that broke out in BR 2,020 (or were so badass that they started earlier, and kept raging right through Ragnablok).

Conflicts in the Anno Galaxy

Numerous wars raged in the Anno Galaxy. The biggest conflict was between the Reiist State, the German Confederation, and the Makinami Remnant, who each claimed to be successors of the Eternian Empire.

The Disc Wars

The Disc Wars began in early BR 2,020, when a fight over ancient artifakts led to the mysterious Genesis Disc being uncovered. Things rapidly escalated from there, as the shadowy NERD organization pulled the strings of a metaphysical conspiracy, leading to the return of the Slayzers.

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