Disc Wars

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The Disc Wars were a series of conflicts that began in early BR 2,020, when the ancient Genesis Disc was discovered. Several factions fought over the Discs, and others entered the war for more esoteric purposes. The conflict led to immense destruction, and saw the return of the ancient Slayzers.

Map Matters - Soap

Map Matters

Annabella Anning of the Acquiriens purchases an old treasure map, but is interrupted by Lady Leonora, a Knight of the Square Table.

An Artifakt Arsenal - Battle

An Artifakt Arsenal

The Acquiriens clash with the Knights of the Square Table over a collection of artifakts, with some archeologists, skeletons, and an ice cream lady caught in the middle.

Disc Drama - Soap

Disc Drama

Mysterious intruders break into the Acquirien base.

Wisdom from the Water - Soap

Wisdom from the Water

The Knights of the Square Table seek guidance from the Lake of Wisdom. But suddenly, a new faction joins the conflict.

Binji Brikari - Soap

Binji Brikari

A high school kid named Binji Brikari is summoned by his father.

New Elemental Reality - Battle

New Elemental Reality

The Knights of the Square Table, the Acquiriens, and the Ayanami Empire all converge on NERD headquarters, where the true nature of the Discs is revealed.

Slayzer Proliferation - Soap

Slayzer Proliferation

Bendo Brikari meets his end, while the Ayanami Empire runs tests on Binji.

In Memoriam - Soap

In Memoriam

The corpse of Annabella Anning is recovered by an ambitious and ruthless organization.