Chernarusyn Star Federation

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Chernarussian Star Federation
Communist State
Tek Level 6
8 Systems, 2 Stations in the Gold Sector
Red Line
Peacheneg Armata Coalition
Notable People
Gold Sector Characters

The Chernarussian Star Federation , sometimes simply referred to as Chernarus is a rather large Communist star nation that is a descendant of the Elkossian Empire but was never encountered by any civilization of the Gold Sector until R.2018. Their appearance caused a major shock in the Sector as they were a considerably large and powerful entity that had been unknown to even the mighty Galacian Imperiya. Arguably almost as powerful as the PAC and Zagorian Systems Conglomerate. Upon being greeted with hostility from the rest of the Sector, they began contending for the "top spot" between the other two contenders to Rival Galacia.

Their origins trace all the way back to the Elkossian Empire in the days of the first expansion. Like several other Systems, like Mozorov, Kazimaz and Volsk, Chernarus was founded from the Khrabrost system on the far western outskirts of the sector when a long range seeder ark ship launched from Elkoss, landed there. The ship was thought to be lost.

Most of the history of Chernarus is unknown, but by the time of R.2014 they were doing very well for themselves and had colonized most of the Zapad cluster in relative peace. Elsewhere the first Galacian Republik was fighting the Mozorovan Socialist Union, and defeated them. It's widely believed that during the war, the MSU was expanding westward in it's colonies, notably the system of Revolutsiya and Karbov, and it's possible that after the war was over, some of the Mozorovans fled further west and found their way into the Chernarussian zone. This is believed because it's oddly coincidental that Chernarus is also a Communist state, albeit much more lighthearted and benevolent to it's populace than the MSU ever was, and many of their minifigs speak in a dialect eerily similar to what was known as the Mozorovan Dialect, itself a dialect of Elkoss/Galacian Slavonik