Peacheneg Armata Coalition

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Persikka Armatää Koalitio
Tek Level 6 (Before Collapse)
Bälkäni Cluster, Gold Sector
Cherhovna Bryhada
Notable People
Simo Pracka
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The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the "Nehellenium Universe Kanon" and thus became abandoned after the Ragnablok of 2018-2019. it is preserved for archival purposes but is considered Non-Kanon in the post Ragnablok era. Please redirect your attention to Armata for the 2019- Version

The Peacheneg Armata Coalition is an independent Peach state was founded by descendants of the Peach factions who invaded the Gold Sector in R.2011. While they enjoy amicable relations with other Peach factions like the 45th Union they are wholly independent and follow their own agenda.

In the late R.2010's, the KPR, a group that was associated with the 45th Union had taken control of several systems in the Gold Sector, and the Militant Cherhovna Bryhada started to fight them. Eventually, the PAC was blamed for supporting the KPR and were attacked by the Militants. the PAC pushed them back and began expanding into the lawless western systems, which drew the ire of the rest of the sector, which was taken as an act of aggression against them.

PAC, KPR ,Cherhovna Bryhada, and the Galacian Imperiya would then fight regular skirmishes against each other in the ensuing chaos


  • Peachenegs is a play on words on Pecheneg, a Turkic people from Central Asia.
  • PAC is thematically based on Finland, with some cues from some other unrelated fictional works

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