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The purpose of the Cthulu-luminati is to spread the word of the great BrikThulhu to every resident of a town that they can find. They do this because cultists believe that Brikthulhu will eat the cultists first, thus they will not have to suffer as long as the non-believers will. Unfortunately, though, when they reach a non-Brikthulhu city or faction to spread the news, they are never heard from again.


The overriding goal of the BrikThulhu cult is the reversal of the natural order. As such, they violently oppose any form of standardized organization, except when they embrace it.


Independent BrikThulhu-affiliated minifig cults operate under a variety of symbols. It's impossible to predict the behavior, tactics, or motivations of any one cultic group as compared to another.

The Oktopustika represents the ultimate antithesis of all that is good, natural, and true.

The BrikThulhu Pyramid is composed of 09 rows of 37 bricks, 0937 being a holy number to BrikThulhu's cult.

The image embossed on the 37-eyed Seal of BrikThulhu is of the Brain Separator, the iconic tool of BrikThulhu cultists.

The Necronobrikon is the legendary tome of Brikthulhu, and sacred to his cultists.