King of the Hill

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King of the Hill
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Campaign: None

Started: BR 2,009

Finished: Indeterminate

Hosted By: Ross Varn

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Eternal Battle
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The Hill
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The Four Rums

The King of the Hill Thread was started in early BR 2,009 by Ross Varn, and was quickly moved to the 'threads that are dumb' section of the forum, due to the overbearing amount of dimmies and shitgoats it attracted. Not all of it was idiotic and retarded, however, for from it came the Order Against Trianglisim, and the known history of Fico. Warhead wrote the law that governed the battle for the hilltop kingdom and it was spake thus:

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The Hill is indestructible and unmovable and exists in all space, times, dimensions, existences and realities or anything else some clever bastard later thinks up. It may NEVER be moved. It may NEVER be destroyed. Those attempting such shoddy practices as to tamper with the fabric of reality in an attempt to manipulate The Hill in such ways will be punished, yes that also includes becoming the Hill as a corporeal entity. This punishment is immediate and can not be avoided once summoned. The guilty party's are immediately seized by Dapper ChukkNoris and Mr T who drag them into a dark sound proof room, each is carrying a bag of greased up hamsters and a tin of lube and the perpetrator shall be made to ware the lederhosen of shame with the bottom part cut out. Just what goes on after the door closes is probably something we don't want to dwell on. Suffice to say that before long the guilty are very, very... sorry.
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- Warhead

The King of the Hill will remain forever active it seems, its true ending shrouded in mystery, as it has been moved to the Hidden Forum 14. It has become an Eternal Battle, a quintessential BrikWarsian piece of Kanon. Though the thread is gone, for most intents and purposes in the IRL Forum, the in-universe narrative persists as per Warhead's Law, unending and unalterable. The battle itself is related to several canonical locations. Naturally, it is tied to The Hill itself, as well as Rody's bar, a place called The Four Rums, which sits, indestructible, atop The Hill. It is also passingly related to the Battle Plates of Ragnablok, in that the Plates have always wanted to claim the battle as its own, so similar are their natures. Warhead's Law prevents this, of course, and so The Hill remains one of the less than a handful of places that ignores the BrikVersal Rekonstruktion Reality and exists consistently across space time.