The Nine Artifax of Pre-Creation

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The Skully Grail

This Artifakt gives its wielder mind control over those who see it. Admittedly, it's one of the more modest of the Nine as many figs (and many of their Human commanders) have little in the way of a mind to be controlled whatsoever. Also, very little decent destruction may be had by simply pushing one's opponents around like dolls.

Current Wielder: Grail Knight

Previous Wielders: Grail Knight

Almighty BanHammer

Anything or anyone hit by BanHammer is permanently destroyed with no chance of survival. Any reported cases of return are either a mistaken identification of the far less powerful Hammer of Discipline, tall tales told by the misinformed and hopeful, or filthy, filthy lies. The Overlord never misses with the BanHammer, and he never goes easy on those who need it.

Current Wielder: Overlord Rayhawk

Previous Wielders: Overlord Rayhawk

The Original OTC

The Original OTC is the form from which all other OTCs were made. Made from transparent orange ABS (some say the element that flame occupies), it is not the hardest but rather the badassest weapon of all time. Great violence was had on its account in the past, and great violence there shall be had any time it is removed from its Orange Transparent Case (the only box tough enough to hold it without being torn asunder).

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: IVhorseman, Warhead

The Oktopustika Talisman

The talisman has the power to summon evil monstrosities and to incite irrational Hatred in all who view it.

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: Shaun Sullivan

The Mighty Head Separator

This horrific weapon pops the heads off most figs with a single flick of the hand. Needless to say, few are those who have survived its grasp.

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: The masked lady at McDonald's.

The Stupendous Featinator

This object of dubious origin allows wielder to perform an unlimited number of Stupendous feats per turn.

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: Blitzen

The Hammer of Discipline

The Hammer removes an entire opposing squad or vehicle. After they have been severely beaten and have learned their lesson (typically one turn), they may appeal to be allowed back into the game.

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: Almighty Benny

The Hook of Melting

This Artifact of Shaping allows any brick to be made into another brick, regardless of color or size. The applications are endless and great, and therefore not to be trusted in the hands of mere mortals.

Current Wielder: Dread Pirate Two-By-Two

Previous Wielders: Dread Pirate Two-By-Two

The Sword of Inhuman Strength

The sword grants +1 to all rolls for every kill made with it. It typically receives an offering of two or three noobs or losers a day, and as this has been happening for a long period of time, simply considering picking up the dice is usually enough to defeat the target for whom the roll was intended, as well as every fig within line of sight of the victim. (The Overkill damage alone could split a continent in twain!)

Current Wielder: Piltogg

Previous Wielders: Nega-BlokTrix