Purple Sector Characters

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This side contains most named characters, affiliated with various characters of the Purple Sector. Bigger factions receive their own character indexes (see Polish Characters and Soviet Characters):

Republik of Magyar

Elnök Károly Szarvas


see Károly Szarvas

Ezredes Attila Erös


see Attila Erös

Kapitány Abigél Erös


Abigél Erös is the daughter of Attila Erös who also happens to serve the Magyar Army as an officer. Hotheaded yet determined, she is searching for her father, after he went missing from a mission on Planet Visegrád.

Dandártábornok Titusz Császár


Titusz Császár is a high ranking officer of noble linage, who prefers to ride on horse back, commanding battalions of Magyar riders. He is armed with a BT Lance and the Claw of Császár, that is passed on from generation to generation.



The FuturHun is the successor of the Deadly HunMan, being gifted with more acute senses, thicker skin and quicker reflexes. His melee weapon of choice is an electric chain whip, powered by a BT gem.

Ügynök Miklós Grabovszky


A master of infiltration, Miklós Grabovszky played a vital role in the defence of his home country, by providing secret plans of invasion to both the Poles and Magyars.

Sister Diána


Sister Diána served as a field nurse in the Order of Szent Erzsébet, until a fatal explosion maimed her. It wasn't until she underwent a series of painful surgeries and cybernetic augmentations that she returned to the battlefield, this time fighting right at the front. Now Diána wields her own massive railgun that she lovely refers to as "Mother". This gun can pierce through several layers of stone and metal without any difficulties, yet requires a lot of physical strength in order to carry it around.

Autonomous Republik of Transsrbija

Predsednik Slobodan Milić


see Slobodan Milić

Andrej Novak


Andrej Novak is one of the most skilled warriors to serve the Srbijan army. He led a warband, aiding the Soviet forces on Planet Debrecen.

Qirim Khanate

Azat Bey


see Azat Bey

Greater Empire of Lietuva

Generalisimas Vytautas Blinda


see Vytautas Blinda

Irena Mielkutė


Irena Mielkutė is a skilled assassin under the service of Generalisimas Blinda and a true master in stealth. She is in charge of providing vital information to high command or simply killing important people.

Tadas the Infernal


Tadas the Infernal is the spiritual leader of the Greater Empire, who managed to bring the Lietuvans back to their old pagan roots. While being old, he's not to be underestimated in close combat, considering he is wielding the Infernal Staff that ignites every foe it touches.

Valeria Mielkutė


Valeria Mielkutė was a member of Blinda's honour guard who was killed by a Polish liquefier operator during a mission on Planet Brest. Her death was eventually avenged by her elder sister Irena Mielkutė.

Conté de Monet

Frederique de Monet


Angélique de Monet