Space Austrian - Trattorian War

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Space Austrian - Trattorian War
Birefall.jpg TrattorianFlagClean.png

Started: 3/13 - 6/11, G.R. 2018

Rubrum Crucesignatis
Space Austria

Unified Republik of Poland

Imperial Magikstrate

RC Command
Emperor Ato

Archduke Holmes

Presydent Sadow

Ibeus Pendragon

Trattoria & Allies
Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria

United Systems Alliance

Assyrian Star Empire


Trattoria Command
President Kuroki

Chief Stratego Dr. Xia

Stratego Dr. Desroches

President Trump

Empress Xianghua

Emperor Shulga

A Trattorian Legislator assassinated

Trattorian military failure

SA apologized for past incidents

SA "gives up" magic, superweapons except COLORBURST

SA recognized as Superpower


The nation of Space Austria arises in prominence on the galactic scene, and allies with the M-Throne Empire-led Rubrum Crucesignatis.

Several subsequent incidents attract the attention of the international community. The deployment of Peach Virus biological weapons on planet Arhus, a colony of their ally the Imperial Magikstrate, during the Galacian invasion Operation Schadenfreude attracted international condemnation at the Allied Nations. The Space Austrians subsequently fired an ancient planet-busting laser at the major financial institutions of the BrikVerse, including Pernault Financial Group and Goldman Sucks on Trattoria, Medici Bank on Venice, and Iron Bank of Nimrod on Austere (Forum Battle: Breaking the Bank). Although Trattoria and the other empires managed to harmlessly deflect away the deadly beams, the provocation nonetheless provoked international outrage.

The Chief Ambassador of Trattoria, Dr. Xianghao, issued a stern rebuke at the AN General Assembly, encouraging Space Austria to normalize relations and cease its aggressions, or face war otherwise. Emperor Ato emphasized the need for a "show of force" to ensure the fair treatment of Space Austria's peach population. Nonetheless, his proposal for a political marriage was poorly received by Ambassador Xianghao, since Trattorians lack the concept of romance and marriage.

Space Austrian - Trattorian War

Space Austria's secret Colorburst mecha wreck Trattoria's experimental Amadeus walker.

On March 13, G.R. 2018, the Trattorian Legislature passed a declaration of war against Space Austria, co-sponsored by Legislators Minase and Ramachandran, and President Kuroki announced this decision to the AN General Assembly the next day.

Colorburst, Part 2 ~ The Siege

Trattorian and Galacian forces attack a small Space Austrian outpost, assisted by a Trattorian Legislator and her pet project, the experimental Trattorian mecha Amadeus. Eventually the tide of the battle turns in Space Austria's favor once Colorburst Units 9 and 10, part of Space Austria's own secret program, destroy Amadeus and kill the Trattorian Legislator. The latter outraged the Trattorian public and further fueled war sentiments. Forum Battle: Colorburst, Part 2 ~ The Siege

Battle for Cape Bricks

The Space Austrians transfer the body of the dead Trattorian Legislator to USA forces. However, the ensuing handoff to the Trattorians goes wrong as the Immortal Delta Legion and Space Austrian wizard Emandiputs interfere. The Space Austrians and Immortals prevail. Forum Battle: Battle for Cape Bricks

Battle of Pestilgrova

After a sustained drone strike bombing campaign against the fringes of Space Austrian space proves ineffective in softening their stance, the Trattorians and their Assyrian allies decide to invade the world of Pestilgrova, recently conquered from the USSSR. The battle is a miserable failure for the Trattorians and a decisive victory for Space Austria and the Imperial Magikstrate, especially once the Baron of Peachum's war horse intervenes. Chat Battle: Battle of Pestilgrova

Undisclosed Location

Space Austrians join the Space Polish in assaulting a secret Lambda Studios excavation site protected by rented Trattorian forces. However, the Immortal Sigma Legion and the Vol disrupts the battle and end up wiping out everyone else, claiming the forbidden anime artifact that Lambda was guarding. Chat Battle: Undisclosed Location

Battle of Feldkirch

Deciding land battles are a lost cause, the Trattorians mount an orbital assault on another Space Austrian border planet of Feldkirch, finding Space Austrian and Polish defenders. Although the Polish forces are destroyed, in the end the Space Austrians destroy the Trattorian fleet despite the latter's superior teknology. Chat Battle: Battle of Feldkirch]

Treaty of Planet Masuku

Chief Ambassador Xianghao and Emperor Ato hammer out the details of the treaty at a fancy Trattorian restaurant.

With both sides becoming weary of the war, Trattorian and Space Austrian diplomats began to meet to reach a peace agreement. Eventually they produced the Treaty of Planet Masuku, and the Trattorian Chief Ambassador invited Emperor Ato to Trattoria to discuss the final demands. These included:

  • Cessation of hostilities
  • Reparations for damage by Trattoria
  • Elimination of magik in Space Austria in exchange for a program to trade in for more advanced teknology by the AN
  • Shuttering of Space Austria's superweapon and weapons of mass destruction programs except for CLANDESTINE/COLORBURST
  • Official international recognition of Space Austria as a Superpower (note: Space Austria had already met the requirement prior to the war).
  • Commencement of trade agreement talks between Space Austria and Trattoria.

After a tentative agreement, the Chief Ambassador agreed to send Envoy Dr. Koothrapali as her representative to the signing ceremony in Ato's tea garden on planet Masuku. Unfortunately, Ayanami 0 forces attacked so as to prolong the war and continue to profit off of it. Forum Battle: The Summit