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JD Irving Logo.png
Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Vadim Urving
Country: Galacia, Systems Conglomerate
Website: www.urving.sc
GAL: UVG 5.04 -0.71 (-3.01%)

"Power Up!"

The Urving Group is a major Galacian corporation that owns a majority in mining operations across the Gold Sector With Trillions in capital and assets, they are able to carry their own agenda often at the scorn of the Galacian Government.

Their primary ventures are that of Natural resources sector, specifically Transparent mining and Energy production. As well as a massive network of interstellar fuel depots. The Urving group directley owns more than 60% of all fuel depots in the Gold Sector, 30% of all mines and more than 50% of all power plants. Their monopoly over the respective fields has led them to develop their own private armies of security forces to protect their interests.

Galacian Government members have long sought to nationalize the Group's assets as Vadim Urving is as greedy as they come, is known to make many dealings with other oligarchs around the galaxy, and Urving's money rarely ends up back in the sector except when it's to arm rebel groups. In R.2018 The Imperiya Government started seizing assets of the Urving Corporation, in response, Urving scuttled several of their stations and moved most of their business into the Systems Conglomerate space, the assets seized were turned into the Galacian National corporation, Spazprom

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: Я13.6 trillion 5.4%
Profits: Я4.53 trillion 0.5%
Total Assets: Я108.8 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: Я17.9 trillion
Market Value: Я100.2 trillion