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Systems Conglomerate
Tek Level 6 (Before Collapse)
Central & Eastern systems of Zagoria region, Gold Sector
Cherhovna Bryhada
Notable People
Gold Sector Characters
The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the "Nehellenium Universe Kanon" and thus became abandoned after the Ragnablok of 2018-2019. it is preserved for archival purposes but is considered Non-Kanon in the post Ragnablok era
Rebel Forces, mid R.2017

The Zagorian Systems Conglomerate (Today just called the Systems Conglomerate or ZSC is a rather large alliance of systems in the South Gold Sector previously known as the Zagorian systems,who are largely dominated by corporations


Beginnings and Background

The Zagorian systems of the southern Elkossian Empire had always been a somewhat detached group of colonies that maintained their autonomy from capital. Several of the planets in these systems were also unusually rich in resources which would constantly make them a target in the eyes of the Capital's industrial sectors. These planets would be mined and stripped of resources, and very little of the benefits would see their way back to the southerners. If it hadn't been for the Peach war of R.2011, there might have been a rebellion in the south.

During and after the Peach war, Elkoss was devastated, and the Zagorian systems enjoyed a brief period of true independence. Although this wouldn't last. By the time the post-war succession struggle had ended on Elkoss, the new Galacian Republik would re-enter the south and "annex" the short-lived Zagorian Republik after a few skirmishes and pitched battles.

Tensions reached a boiling point in R.2016 After James Lahey was elected President of Galacia, and at the time, his cheif Military leader, Marshal Shulga enacted a plan to modernize and grow the Galacian army and navy, at the expense of the Republik's resource rich south. Planets were stripped bare, and colonists were subjected to almost indentured servitude conditions while they mined materials and built weapons. The unrest culminated in what was known as the Oplot uprising, the very moon of Galacia's capital was attacked by a Southern nationalist insurgent group called NAPA (NAtional-PArty). While they were eventually defeated, NAPA caused unprecedented amounts of destruction and humiliation to the Republik, and ultimately created a distinction of "Us vs them"

Effects of the Bakhacha Coup

For much of R.2016 and R.2017, Zagoria became a occupied police state, Zagorian rebels had become a serious threat to the stability of the Republik, and as much as a quarter of the Now Massive Galacian military was dedicated soley to fighting these rebels, however everything changed after the Outer Haven Incident. Shulga deposed Lahey, who later died. And the Galacian Republik was effectively cast out and replaced by Shulga's despotic Galacian Imperiya. Something then happened that no one would have expected, Under the leadership of Lahey's daughter Sarah, many "Republik Loyalists" who stood for demokracy, fled south and joined forces with the Zagorian Rebels.

Days later, as the Arhus Crisis escalated, and threatened to pull the entire western arms into a war of unfathomable scale, Shulga's Imperiya suddenley and unexpectedly signed a peace treaty with the Rebels, granting them their independence. At the time it looked like the Arhus Crisis was sure to escalate into full scale war, and Galacia and it's allies needed all available forces to commit to the frontline.

The price of Freedom

The Maripol Treaty established an immediate ceasefire between Imperiya and Rebel forces in the southern front of the Gold Sector conflict. As well as an exchange of territory, The generally accepted leader of the Zagorian Republik, President Bardak surrendered two colonies in exchange for peace, and recognition from their enemy. This caused a split within the faction, The Moderates were happy with peace, but many Nationalists and the Lahey Loyalists saw this as a "job not finished". Making things worse was in the chaos of the territory swap, the Galacian right wing nationalist group Cherhovna Bryhada first swept into the DMZ established by the treaty, and were then kicked out and invaded Zagoria proper. With many of the Republik's best troops abandoning the army or otherwise going rogue having been displeased with the results of the treaty, the remaining Zagorian Defence Forces were woefully unprepared for a counter-insurgency operation against the fully militarized Bryhada

USA Saves the Day

After months of fighting a losing battle against insurgents, and becoming a laughing stock of both the Gold Sector and the Western Arms, President Bardak pleaded for assistance at the AN, To which sympathetic politicians in the USA responded by lobbying to send a relief force into Zagoria to fight the Cherhovna Bryhada, and now also the Pirates and Criminals of the Syndikat. Operation Harvest Red was that rescue plan, and the USA swiftly routed the Bryhada and Syndikat in 3 weeks. Afterwards, Several USA companies and corporations began establishing relief efforts to rebuild Zagoria. The Zagorian government was naieve enough to believe this help came free, when secretley, the corporations had been dealing with the Disgruntled Demokratic Nationalists, and when the time was right, elections were rigged and the corporate lackey Rick Marshall was elected president.

Marshall Government

Zagoria after the election, would be re-packaged to the galaxy as the "Zagorian Systems Conglomerate" a faction that was the very embodiment of USA style "Freedom" and Marshall's new plan was to eventually re-open hostilities with the Imperiya, who were propagated as Authoritarian, almost communist Tyrants. Behind the scenes however, the Corporations, banded together and formed their own council to run their very own country. The "Zagorian" part of the moniker so fell out of use as Zagorian nationalism became less and less prevalent in the ambitions of the country as a whole. To the SC it didn't matte r where people came from as long as they worked for them.

The Conglomerate still largely functioned as many other countries did, in fact almost identical to that of the USA, but in reality their agenda was strictly to service the egos and ambitions of CEOs and businessmen, it's military force, originally comprising of freedom fighters, rednecks and rebels fighitng for the ideals of Liberty, Honor , Justice and the restoration of Demokracy, became incredibly polluted with mere Mercenaries who were loyal only to the next paycheck

The Rebel flag is still used by Zagorian Nationalists, particularly in the West Zagorian systems where tensions are still hot after the treaty


Organizations and Groups


The Conglomerate Military is a mixture of Paramilitaries, Professional volunteer troops, and Mercenaries loyal to nothing but the next paycheck.

The Conglomerate Army make use of a mix of locally produced equipment, and some captured from loyalists. their soldiers are usually tough fighers, and fight with the incredible tenacity and zeal that comes with being outnumbered and outgunned. Rather than using a wide range of specialists like the Galacian Ground Forces, Confederate troops usually train in the use of many different weapons, and when special weapons or equipment are needed, they are brought into the battle and most troops are reasonably competent with them. While their training is less formal, their equipment is sometimes of inferior quality, and they generally are not able to field as many troops as their loyalist opponents, Rebel troops often can hold their own against Galacian regulars in small to medium fights. It is only in heavy artillery that they lose. The Confederacy fields some of the same vehicles that the Loyalists do, but in much lower numbers. Overall the common regular ground force for the rebels focuses on a mix of hit and run and tenacious defensive tactics.


ZSC Infantry consists mostly of well trained and decentley equipped riflemen sporting squad level heavy weapons. Zagorian soldiers are considered to be almost on par with a Galacian Shock unit. The ZSC focuses on Quality over Quantity, and fills the numbers gap with Mercenaries.

  • Line - Regular frontal combat troops
  • Recon- Indirect combat troops who are called on to do things like spotting and sniping rather than fight in the trenches
  • Anti-Tank- Any unit that's primary purpose is to destroy enemy tanks and vehicles
  • Support - Any unit that's purpose is to improve or assist other units, whether by directley assisting allies, or indirectley assisting them in combat by providing fire support against the enemy for others.
  • Commando- Units that's sole purpose is to excel in killing other infantry and other minifigs
  • Commander - Command officers who are given responsibilities over Units and Territory during a battle

  • Regular - Units that recieve basic training for war, but really aren't expected to do anything but trade casualties with the enemy
  • Shock - Units that recieve assault oriented training, Usually superior to regulars and used to punch holes in enemy lines.
  • Elite - Top tier units that have great experience and skill in battle. Normally too valuable to waste in frontal combat but exceptions are sometimes made
  • Special - Not necessarily superior to Elite units, although they sometimes do, Special class infantry are units that defy categorization. They are often some of the most dangerous the Armiya has to offer.

Conglomerate Infantry

Unit Notes
Zag0.jpg Light Riflemen
The light rifleman is a jack of all trades unit, Light Rifle squads are armed with Flechette rifles and used as a general line infantry as well as colonial security, Light Rifle units are given basic training in the operation of some other weapons like RPGs, Mortars and Machineguns but are only assigned these weapons when they are available.
Zag2.jpg AT Specialist
Specialist Rifle troops that also carry an RPG. The RPGs are copies of the Galacian RPG
Zag1.jpg Heavy Assault Troopers
Dedicated frontal combat troops, Essentially heavily armored Riflemen that can stand up to a bigger slugfest. they are equipped with the Same Flechette weapons that the regulars are issued, although less of them are seen utilizing specialist weapons unlike the light riflemen
Zag5.jpg PTT Struska
"Struska Anti-Tank Team"
An emplaced heavy Anti-Tank weapon, the Struska is a copy of the Galacian Shlak anti tank missile. Capable of defeating heavy armor from afar.
Zag3.jpg Utonici
"Elite Riflemen"
Elite Army troops bolstered by cutthroat Mercenaries, They are something of a special forces group although just used for general combat, They use Upgraded flechette rifles and carry along other specialist weapons like RPGs and Sniper Rifles
Zag4.jpg ZEAL
The Elite, Covert Special forces commandos of the Conglomerate Military, They fulfil both the role of commando and a recon unit.
Zag7.jpg Harpuna Tank Hunters
Tank Hunters are elite teams using the Harpuna Missile System, a small Zagorian produced indirect, laser guided missile that's designed to hit vehicles on the top of their armor where it is usually weaker.

Motor Pool

Light and medium weight vehicles

VZ.44 "Dopravce"

VZ.80 "Krunýř"

VZ.74 "Stávkující"

VZ.75S "Přízrak"

T-80Zg "Medvěd"

T-108 "Vancard"


Appearance Z1.png Z3.png Z6.png Z5.png Z4.png Z2.png EKDFlag2VAR2.png EKDFlag2VAR2.png
Type Light Transport APC Light Tank Light Hover tank Main Battle Tank Heavy Tank ~ ~
Year 1999
Upgraded 2017
2017 2014 2015 2017 2017 ~ ~
Armor Rating (Size) 2 3 2 2 4 5 ~ ~
Armament Remote MG Remote MG with Struska Missile Light Caliber Gun, MG Light Caliber Gun, MG Heavy Caliber Gun, MG Gauss Cannon, Heavy Machinegun. Crude shield generator ~ ~