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Transparent Elements (so named for their see-through quality) come in a wide variety of forms, usually defined by their color. Each is ABS of some kind but has a unique universal resonance signature, resulting in spectacular and often variable properties (depending on Koincidence, circumstance, and proximity to any given particulate matter). Transparent Elements, then, remain as one of the most potent resources in the entire BrikVerse and minifigs will do much to acquire even the smallest amounts. The Elements are almost always formed in some truly epic fashion and are not normally naturally occurring so far as anyone knows. Contrary to logik, however, their elemental nature cannot be denied.

Transparent Elements.png

Each entry is organized first into it's most basic form. This merely represents the most commonly encountered form of the Element in the BrikVerse. The Variants, however, show that the basic form is by no means the only possible expression of the Element. Some variants may be natural expansions on the basic concept. Others may represent an entirely different concept. Players are always coming to the BrikVerse with new ideas. Color theory is one of the most basic philosophical discussions, so the BrikWars canon leaves room for players to expand these Elements based on their ideas. Finally, Interactions with other Elements, where included, is merely an example of what might be possible when combining Transparent Elements. Anything is really possible. Remember, Transparent Elements, singly, can manifest any ability really. Combining them will certainly provide a truly wild list of possibilities.

Orange Transparent, the Element of Ossum

OT Element.png

Orange Transparent ABS (OT) is the most powerful substance known to minifigs. The only source of this material is the frigid planet of Iceworld, where ancient crusades against Robotic Ice Daemons dropped the temperatures to far below absolute zero.

Under these impossible and supernaturally cold conditions, even lasers froze, rendering all of the crusaders' weapons useless, save one: the planet-destroying Orange Laser. Thanks to its massive scale, a central core of destructive energy was able to punch through the cold, even as the outer layers of the beam froze solid and peeled away.

Bazillions of years later, the frozen shards of petrified laser remain preserved under continents of shifting ice, retaining all of their ancient world-destroying power for anyone with the secret knowledge and will to forge them into weapons.

Orange Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of OT in the BrikVerse.

Orange Transparent Clone

Original OT is very hard to come by. So some enterprising souls with more brains than brawn set out to make their own. It was theoretically possible to manufacture OT since the original supply was man made. They devised a plan to scour ancient legendary battlefields for microscopic bits of OT that may have been knocked loose in the OTC vs OTC battles. After thousands of years of searching, they found it, a single atom of OT.

Now with an original OT sample they could begin the scientific process of cloning it into a larger usable supply. It took over 100 million years to discover the best mixture of chemicals, power levels and environments that would grow more OT. They eventually got the process down to 1 million years to make enough clone OT to make 1 chainsaw. The trick was that each mass of clone OT needed 1 atom of original OT at its core. The self repair properties of OT took care of the rest. The atom of OT would scavenge the adjacent materials to clone itself, this is a slow process. The resulting clone OT is inferior to the original, but anyone who actually knows the difference first hand isn't talking.

Ancient Battlefields are now a source of conflict among those factions who wish to clone OT. Each atom of OT an explorer finds and sells at auction or to a private buyer could buy him a planet. Although a minifig could spend his entire life searching and still find nothing.

Of course there are still mad scientists on isolated moonbases that are running experiments to recreate the conditions that produced the original OT. None have been successful. We suppose that's what makes them so mad.

False Orange Transparent

Discovered in R. 2,010, False OT ABS or Artificial OT ABS (not to be confused with Orange Transparent Clone) is very similar to real OT ABS in color and ability but there is one major difference. This false OT ABS will not withstand the same strain normal OT will. False OT ABS, under particularly strenuous conditions, will potentially explode with astronomical force. Due to this explosive quality, it has been adapted for other teknology, such as high explosive grenades. The only way to tell the OTs apart is in their coloring. Regular OT ABS is a dark orange while the artificial stuff is much lighter in color. Professor Sharkhead is credited with the creation of FOT but his motives for doing so remain a mystery. Speculation runs rampant but, truly, folks are more interested in whether anyone can develop or has developed a FOT Chainsword.

Blue Transparent, the Element of Force

BT Element.png

Deep in the future, possibly near R. 3,955, minifigs of the Skadus System in the Galaxia Nehellenium wage a desperate war against the personified Concepts of Peace, Stability, Complacency, and Tedium, the Four Horsemen of the BrikVerse. The very cosmos themselves were the weapons in the final war that could end the BrikVerse forever and, with the most primitive societies at the end of days rating a Tek Level of at least 8, the remaining factions wielded them with utmost proficiency. No one knows what happened, whether the universe was, is, or has been saved, only that the remnants of titanic Ice Moons litter the destroyed system and that nothing but the cold quiet of those shards and the phantom apocalyptic battlers sometimes glimpsed within them permeates that dead space.

Those colossal ice chunks are supernaturally cold, far colder than "modern" Science can reasonably account for, and bear the dread, slumbering energy of some future Blue Transparent (BT) teknology. Massive collisions within the Ice Fields of Skadus occurring in every iteration of the universe have scattered the element throughout its own galaxy and beyond but remains best concentrated within the dead system. Few have determined how to appropriately use the element, however, as the energies involved are far beyond their ken. Weaker concentrations of BT are extremely rare but are much more malleable in the hands of capable scientists. Such BT is slow to activate and, though it possesses impossibly deep reserves of energy, it's energy generation output is surprisingly unfocused and not overly useful in a military capacity. It has, however, been used in emerging Cold Fusion Teknologies thanks to its profoundly steady and never ending power supply.

Blue Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of BT in the BrikVerse.

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue is an enhanced BT with a higher cyclical energy regeneration rate and compressed storage matrices, resulting in more responsive, higher output power sources. It is used primarily by the Neo-Prussian Empire.

Blue Organic Crystal

These crystals grow and are harvested on Enheldam. Even small amounts contain massive reserves of electrical energy.

Zaubered Blue

Initially developed by Bavaria (where it still sees refined and common use), Zaubered Blue is BT that has been magikally enhanced. Ritualized Magik bonds with the element on a fundamental level, providing the normally unfocused energies within with structure and rigidly defined purpose. The breadth of this new functionality is determined entirely by the skill of the spellcaster or casters involved in the binding ritual. Once the bond is solidified, the object can generally go on functioning as intended long after its mundane counterparts fall into disrepair. Bavarian ShipMages are notorious for building BT harnessing matrices into their engines in this way and Bavarian ships can operate for much longer without resupply as a result.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how BT might combine with other elements:


Blue Transparent and Orange Transparent is a combination of pure power. BT is completely supplemental to OT, reinforcing and strengthening the already potent element.


Combining Blue with Smoke tends to have an unpredictable and explosive result. Blue is a generally cumbersome and unfocused element in its natural state and its deep reserves of energy are normally held in check by this mysteriously evolved chokepoint. Smoke upsets this balance suddenly, violently, and all over the place, forcing the reserves of energy out of the Blue as fast as they can go. They typically results in a rapidly escalating series of small explosions and flares, leading up to a grand fireworks finale of death and destruction.

Clear Transparent, the Element of Potential

CT Element.png

Titanic energies are required to tear open paths between universes and alternate dimensions and the process is not without lasting aftereffects. More than a mere rip in space and time, these passageways are rents in existence. Frayed beige fibers fall away to reveal the emptiness beyond existence. Even the space between the Astral Plate, which is itself the space between universes, and another dimension is possessed of a terrifying emptiness.

As reality struggles to make sense out of literally nothing, a residue forms around the tattered opening between realities. This Clear Transparent (CT), formed as it is of almost nothing, is virtually weightless. This base level Legitimitium is not exactly rare but is highly uncommon and sought out by creators wishing to provide both visibility and a small measure of protection in the viewports, windows, and cockpits of their buildings and vehicles. It is also sought out by individuals wishing to augment their physical abilities as it allows them to jump higher, levitate, and sometimes even fly freely about.

Clear Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of CT in the BrikVerse.


Found naturally occurring in fantastic, magical SkyWorlds, CloudStone runs in thick, branching veins all throughout the floating landmasses that make the SkyWorlds so famous and instantly recognizable. The stone is naturally possessed of properties which allow it to defy gravity and it is used in a variety of hover and flight capable technologies. Several Space Ninjas use it to augment their personal movement abilities, it is sometimes used in "clean energy" jetpacks, and some Factions use it in disposable modules that aid starships in reaching escape velocities. CloudStone is a relatively common Variant of CT, but it is also one of the most jealously guarded Transparent Elements.


There is an alchemical process by which Clear Transparent can be folded and compounded in upon itself. The Trans in its natural state is mostly empty space anyway so the process is not very difficult. It is however, extremely tedious and time consuming. Originally developed for use in tradecraft (quantum linking compounded FarSight would allow its user to spy on another location at a truly vast distance, the Variant Element has seen far more use in spaceship vehicles as cockpit canopies, windows, and the like. With the right scientific or magikal touches during creation, FarSight can cut through any visual confusion caused by looking out a window on a starship.

Viérre Glass Corporation Brand

Not really a true variant of CT, but the Viérre Glass Corporation is the number one producer of Clear Transparent and glass products. Although it mainly satiates Trattoria's unceasing demand for more glass, it sells both raw CT and processed clear glass for a variety of applications to the galactic market.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how CT might combine with other elements:

CT + Most Other Elements

CT can be used by the extraordinarily powerful or skillful as a container for other Elements. It serves as a pocket dimension with proportions much greater on the inside than would be suggested by the outside. This allows the paired element to grow unfettered to a much greater degree than it otherwise might be allowed to. This tactic is sometimes used to store colossal energy reserves of BT, contain the explosive reactions of certain other Trans pairings, and create truly devastating Red Radiation Nukes. Friendship factions are deeply fond of this particular use as they can use it to create WellSprings (entire cultivated Friendship Landscapes crammed into the extradimensional space of a bottle, which is broken during the course of a campaign to conquer vast swaths of territory at a near instantaneous rate).

Green Transparent, the Element of Pandemic

GT Element.png

Nature in the BrikVerse is fundamentally different from Nature in other universes, deeply skewed in favor of destruction. It wouldn't be able to sustain itself, however, if it weren't also highly regenerative. The entire universe is constructed of building blocks. Within each of these building blocks is the potential for great creation, as is true of any other universe in the Legitimitium MultiVerse. In the BrikVerse, however, the sole purpose of that creation is the destruction that follows, the inevitable separation of briks, in form and function, and the return to primordial chaos from which creativity springs eternal. The reusability of those briks is what allows the BrikVerse to continue existing. Otherwise, it would've eaten itself long ago. This basic Nature is inherent to everything, including the universe's inhabitants.

Green Transparent (GT) is found in all things, being representative of Nature. Due to the Brikverse's destructive essence, GT is fairly common and it is often quite weak in its natural state. Any component of the BrikVerse, sometimes including minifigs themselves, can be torn apart at a cellular level to harvest the GT found there, that fundamental nature that exists in all things, everywhen and everywhere. The largest gains to be made, however, exist only in truly static creations (hence their rarity in minifigs, who change with each new experience). GT, despite its initial weakness, responds extraordinarily well to any energy, especially creative energy, and grows at an exponential rate (far more quickly than any other Transparent Element's propagation) both in size and power when exposed to such energies.

Green Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of GT in the BrikVerse.

Zupponn Mining Co. Brand

Not precisely a true variant of GT, ZMC maintains a tight grip on the resource throughout virtually the entire civilized BrikVerse. In some galaxies, namely Galaxia Nehellenium, the group controls a monopoly. The mining company was the first to discover the exponential properties of GT and did not initially dismiss it as useless. ZMC now refines the ore with a proprietary process and nearly every refined chunk of the stuff floating around the BrikVerse is stamped with their mark, meaning that anyone who wants a piece either has to buy it, fight for it, or mine it somewhere the ZMC is not.

Galacian Green

A local strain of bright neon GT. While this color exists elsewhere in the galaxy, this particular type is abundant in the Gold Sector and the local powers, namely Galacia, extract vast quantities of it for use in both weaponry and normal power generation.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how GT might combine with other elements:


Green Transparent will completely consume Blue often mere moments after their joining, regardless of the Blue's undoubtedly deep energy reserves. Simply, all of the power from the Blue dumps directly into the Green, causing the Green to swell in size and power. This is one of the purest combinations of Elements and is often used outside of Prussian Blue to make BT a viable element by channeling its power through Green's more responsive interface. The disadvantage to this process is that it can inundate the Green Transparent with too much energy and quickly cause it to rupture and become useless.

GT + PuT

Green eats Purple similarly to Blue but much more slowly thanks to Purple's persistent qualities. This is a preferable combination because it still causes the growth of the Green without the distinct chance for catastrophic failure. The disadvantage, though, is that it takes a great deal longer for the Green to consume the Purple. Therefore, the Green remains weak and unusable for long periods of time following its harvest.


Green and Red go together like bread and butter. Green is representative of the universe's Nature and Red is representative of that Nature's most dominant trait. This combination is a force for destruction, pure and simple. Probably at least as powerful as Orange Transparent, it is nevertheless highly, ridiculously, extraordinarily, stupid unstable. Only the most epic, manly, and unstable minifigs would ever consider using this combo.


Smoke corrupts Green in a fairly predictable manner but the end result and extremely unpredictable and varies wildly depending upon the environment, surrounding Elements, and nearby creatures in which the combination is forged. Green grows at an unprecedented rate, creating a powerful, maddened mutant creature. The creature only continues to grow in strength and size whilst in its "living state," which is akin to sentience but decidedly on an animal intelligence level. Once the creature reaches critical mass, it begins a process of self replication and redistributes its mass and power into multiple bodies. Left unchecked, this can very quickly result in a powerful swarm of mutant creatures. On the plus side, these creatures will eventually overgrow and self replicate themselves into extinction. However, they can be utterly devastating in the meantime.

Pink Transparent, the Element of Friendship

PiT Element.png

The act of True Friendship is so exceedingly rare and disturbing to the BrikVerse that it actually warps the very fabric of reality whenever it occurs. Every particle in realspace buckles under the onslaught of good feelings and agonizingly transforms the color and function of everything within its radius.

Opaque colors are common, transforming the landscape with hues of pinks, purples, and lime greens. These places become sanctuaries for known users of this alarming power, such as the Fiends or the Pwnies, and wellsprings of Pink Transparent (PiT) flow there. The element serves as a power source for the creatures, fueling their desire to spread icky ideas about love and friendship throughout the universe.

Pink Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of PiT in the BrikVerse.

Feminine Product

Feminine Product is PiT that is especially charged with gender bias and iffy market research. In it's basic form, it's mostly harmless, just another color for characters to enjoy. Being feminine isn't necessarily a requirement for harnessing its power, equal to any other Transparent aside from Orange, regardless of what society has to say about it. However, in the hands of the biased, it becomes a powerful tool of separation...between genders and of life from limb.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how PiT might combine with other elements:

PiT + GT

The root causes of Green Transparent are probably the only reason PiT can take any root in the BrikVerse. PiT, then, uses GT as a mode of transport and propagation. Where Green usually devours it's partnered Element, in this case Pink devours the green as it warps it and stunts its usual intended apotheosis.

PiT + PuT

Pink and Purple is a fairly common combination. The Pink is totally dominant in the pairing, with the Purple constantly feeding it's intense need for drama. When joined together, Pink Transparent becomes mind-boggling and has the potential to tie reality in knots.

PiT + ST

Smoke hypercharges Pink, infusing living creatures with the essence of Pink's power well past the point of utter saturation. Minifigs are so filled with happiness that their ever widening smiles have been known to rip their heads in half. Furthermore, since Pink is a feelgood powersource and is often used for healing, this hypercharging effect has disturbing, albeit extremely funny, effects when it is used to repair damage to Creations and Creatures. Smoke causes healing powers to almost invariably succeed but also causes those powers to rearrange matter, randomly, on a fundamental level. A minifig healed with Smoky Pink, for example, might find itself in absolutely perfect health but also that its arm is now sprouting from its navel.

Purple Transparent, the Element of Drama

PuT Element.png

Passion is all too common in the BrikVerse. Passion with purpose is not. Minifigs slaughter one another for the sheer joy of doing so; they rarely do it to accomplish some higher goal. In fact, most minifigs scoff at the idea that there is even such a thing as a higher purpose. But some minifig Heroes are afflicted with the desire to create meaning, and to mean something themselves. It becomes a driving obsession for them and they will often forgo a clear tactical victory, sometimes even a clear moral victory, in order to prolong drama over conflict. These heroes often ally themselves with conscientious Humans who share a passion for storytelling and the bond they develop becomes ridiculously powerful. Despite their best intentions, many SigFigs and their associated Humans share this bond, out of sheer habit of associating with one another over long periods of time. Endless, pointless, funny conflict is enough to satisfy almost any real minifig. Not so for these others, so nobly afflicted with purpose, who strive for specific goals and epic stories. For them, such an eternity of shattering bricks is boring and unfulfilling. It is a matter of much debate among minifigs in the BrikVerse, which suits the purposeful ones just fine as it extends drama and draws normal minfigs into their web of meaning.

Purple Transparent (PuT) is the manifested energy of the humanominifig bond, initially generated over years of shared storytelling and care, and the passionate purpose of certain minifigs. PuT remains in an energetic state (the better to be manipulated by interested parties) until the death of its user. Minifigs in the BrikVerse have no idea what happens to their mythikal Humans when they die. Some theorize that the death of a Human brings about oblivion for entire parts of the BrikVerse. This can never be confirmed because of the chaos Rekonstruktion causes. However, it is known that PuT slowly crystallizes in the remains of an afflicted minifig and can be carefully harvested in small amounts. Small amounts, however, are super-powerful as PuT carries within its depths one of the most fundamental forces in the BrikVerse: Creativity. This pure imagination can be used to accomplish great feats, but almost always comes with some sort of complication.

Purple Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of PuT in the BrikVerse.

Farce Infused

Warrior Monks well versed in the Farce are ever using their meditative techniques to attain higher states of being. With these techniques they've mastered powers beyond the ken of most minifigs and have developed several amazing and highly effective fighting styles. Arguably their biggest breakthrough, however, came when their most ancient masters began exploring the breadth of possibilities inherent in Creative Language. Drawing on the combination of those two fundamental forces, the warrior monks became famed and admired for their obscene potty-mouths. Use of this famous language generates energetic purple transparent and, if maintained in a long enough stream of obscenity, becomes so mind-blowingly awesome it literally manifests as a solid, manipulable power source. Some of the most Ossum Monks have used this PuT to power their Beamsabers.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how PuT might combine with other elements:

PuT + BT

Purple and Blue are a match made in heaven. As two incredibly deep power sources, they feed into one another cyclically, perhaps infinitely. No one knows yet. All known instances of the combination are still functioning at peak efficiency. They are, however, highly difficult to force together as the initial fusion energies are intense enough to remove a would be engineer from existence before the joining is complete.

PuT + CT

This is a surprisingly powerful combination of Transparent Elements. In the right hands, it allows the creation of new alternate dimensions.

PuT + RT

PuT infuses a minifig throughout its life, bonding with every cell in the minifig's body. Perhaps the most common reason for the spread of PuT in the BrikVerse, then, is all the RT the minifig bleeds out over a bloody lifetime in the Legitimitium MultiVerse's most violent universe.

Rainbow Transparent, the Element of Lucidity

RbT Element.png

One of the most primal, fundamental phenomena in the whole of the Legitimitium MultiVerse is the essence of rainbow. Colors are elemental threads that help to weave the fabric of reality. In construction toy universes, they help to define the very function of creations and emulate the aesthetic sensibilities of their Human creators. The most basic of these creations is often rainbow colored, representing the entire spectrum of the available building blocks of existence. It is only as a construction becomes more refined that it begins to exhibit signs of tri, duo, or mono-coloredness. This explains why Transparent Elements are so potent in the BrikVerse. They represent the most refined mono-colors. We can see the universe through them and it is cast in their hue. But the most basic bloks are solid and essential, totally opaque, because they are the elements with which the universe is built. If spacetime is the Beige Carpet upon which sit the baseplates upon which all reality is constructed, Rainbow Briks are that reality.

Yet the BrikVerse is nothing if not cyclical and mad. Eternally rent asunder and jumbled, a composite grab bag of parts and pieces, the BrikVerse eventually spawns everything, perhaps especially if it doesn't make sense. Rainbow Transparent (RbT) is a return to those fundamental forces, that exacting and clear view of reality, made plain for all who dare to gaze through its prismatic lens. Naturally, RbT is a highly dangerous and controversial material for minifigs in the BrikVerse. It brings with its touch a sobering lucidity, a clarity and dawning universal understanding that will outright shatter all but the most fortified of minifig minds. It can generate literally any effect but this manifestation of power is always related to some fundamental aspect of reality. Some minifig heroes seek it out especially, some to prove their mettle against it and others to get a glimpse beyond the veil. Most minifigs avoid it with intense fear and outright panic, preferring to remain safe and warm in the folds of their BrikWarsian "Ensanity."

Rainbow Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of RbT in the BrikVerse.

Pwnie Dust

Made from the ground up and concentrated souls of countless dead Pwnies, Pwnie Dust is the most irresistible and intense drug known in the universe. Its distribution base is vast and continuing to spread at an alarming rate, throughout space and time. More minifigs than ever are spending the majority of their time grinding one another on glow-stick lit, bass pumped dance floors rather than spending it bathing in the blood of their enemies as is right and just. Some Brik theorists fear that it might have a stabilizing influence on the universe, turning beloved and wanton chaos into a repetitive, pulse-pounding, techno nightmare. Brik theologians decry its clarity of vision and good feeling as utterly false. It's an epidemic of epic proportions but one thing is for sure: most minifigs who come into contact with the stuff are doomed, unable to resist playing with fire. The only known source of Pwny Dust is the same as the source of Pwnies, Ekvestria. Mining and distribution are controlled by the Space Mafia who resist the influence of the drug via Death Masks and other sophisticated air-filtration technology.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how RbT might combine with other elements:

RbT + Any Other Trans Element

Rainbow will eat any Trans Element it comes into contact with, making the other element part of its collective whole. If there is an abnormal amount of the other element, RbT will become inert just long enough to full absorb the other element and break it up into the full color spectrum. Once the cycle of growth and color distribution is completed, the RbT regains its normal properties.

Red Transparent, the Element of Strife

RT Element.png

Nothing is more inherent to the nature of the BrikVerse and its inhabitants than the essence of violence and the drive for bloodshed. The very ideas are hardwired into their genetik and spiritual structures. Where ever that malevolence is purely expressed, Red Transparent (RT) grows. The more malevolence, the larger the deposit of RT. Battle sites, particularly ones charged with the emotional trauma of minifig's fighting with fierce purpose, are common repositories for the element. In fact, during conflict, minifigure blood does not flow but rather crystallizes upon forceful egress from the body. It becomes the coagulated essence of hatred and anger.

Red Transparent is extraordinarly powerful, burning with one of the most fundamental forces in the BrikVerse. It is for this very reason that it is also extremely radioactive and quite dangerous to handle directly. Virtually all known RT in the universe exhibits a property of energetic infection, wherein nearby briks are attacked on a molecular level and are matter transformed into Red Transparent. These contaminated briks lose all original function and become wholly RT, with all the same power and properties of the parent element. Sentient creatures are not immune to this process; even their minds will lose all synaptic cohesion and become transformed into the aggressive element. Luckily, this process is not immediate in most cases and requires long term exposure to the element.

Red Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of RT in the BrikVerse.

RIN Refined

The Republic of Independent Nations is perhaps the one galaktik civilization most familiar with the properties of Red Transparent. The natives of their HomePlanet Trion discovered massive deposits of RT early in their historical development, what they then termed, "magic crystals." Through life-long exposure and natural evolutionary mutation, the natives of Trion became immune to the element's harmful effects. Over time, the RIN have become intimately familiar with the inner workings of the element and have gained a particular mastery over it. They developed a refinement technique which enhanced its radioactive properties, creating such devastating, world-killing technologies as the RT Seed Bomb, a weapon that launches a sizable chunk of RT into a planet's core causing the briks there to become infected and lose their effect that is not healthy for the planet or its inhabitants in the least.

Ritualized Sanguineus

The Sanguine Brotherhood, a cabal of blood ritualists, are well known for descending upon a battlefield once the fight is done and harvesting all the blood spilled there. The Brotherhood performs several eldritch rituals of Low Magik on the collected RT, turning the blood into all manner of enchanted ointments and potions. The most common form this Ritualized Sanguineus takes is that of the magikal amulets and talismans the ritualists wear about their persons. These serve as foci for a ritualist's spellcasting, enhancing the power of his hatred and channeling it into pure violence.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how RT might combine with other elements:


Red dominates Blue in this pairing and uses the latter as fuel. The element doesn't necessarily spread any faster than it normally would by itself but it does become hyper aggressive. Where long term exposure is usually required to see the harmful effects of the element's radioactivity, the more Blue that is fed into it directly correlates to exponentially harsher and more immediate effects.

Smoke Transparent, the Element of Corruption

ST Element.png

Like most universes, even the brikbuilt ones of the Legitimitium MultiVerse, the BrikVerse is mostly empty space. It waits to be filled with the ever expanding creativity of the Humans who dream it and work within it. What does exist within this open space is constantly fragmented, both physically and chronologically. Cracks appear in the very fabric of reality; lines form between the briks that are built on it. Studs cast deep shadows and an inky void fills all the places between the stars. This void is not alive, nor is it inherently energetic. Quite the opposite, in fact, it is dead. Empty. Pointless. In other universes, that's all it would ever be. But in the BrikVerse, even the very concept of Entropy is twisted by the fragmented laws of nature. In the BrikVerse, Entropy represents the essence of Corruption. It sits in a shroud of miasma, waiting to corrupt the purpose of all it touches. In this way, empty space is anathema to most minifigs, who seek desperately to fill it sometimes with Ossum Creations but often with Ossum explosions and endless debris. On the other hand, that very corruption in both the chaos it can cause to divert enemy plans and the devastatingly frightening effects of its possible obliterative properties make these empty spaces darkly tempting farming grounds for deviant factions and individuals.

Smoke Transparent Element (ST), also known as Black Transparent or Gray Transparent, is a form of transparent which has been infused with the essence of this shadow and darkness. Within its bounds, reality is somewhat destabilized as the bonds of matter become agitated and scattered. Emptiness and entropy seep into those spaces and mask whatever is hidden within or behind its darkened embrace. ST warps the original purpose and energy of Elements it interacts with (Trans or not). Sometimes this corruption causes deeply unpredictable effects and sometimes it erases Elements from existence entirely. It stands in stark opposition to almost every other form of Trans Element. Fortunately, ST in particular is encased in its own nearly impenetrable crystallized casing. ST is shaped in the cold void of space, hidden from light sources, as it grows over time. The element is thusly contained and ready made for use in stealth teknologies and somewhat see-through shielding (such as that used in starship ports or infantry helmet visors). Non-contained ST, however, can be wildly dangerous.

Smoke Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of ST in the BrikVerse.

AntiMatter Bomb

Created by various devious and reckless factions using a variety of techniques, AntiMatter Bombs (sometimes called VoidGrenades) are most easily made by strategically weakening the crystalline skin of a Smoke Transparent Element during its maturation process. Most often, this is accomplished through careful exposure of key structural points to brief, intense flashes of light. When the outer crystalline casing is broken, the entropy within floods out and interacts violently with the matter surrounding it. The matter is instantly destabilized on a molecular level and thrown apart. The reaction occurs so quickly, however, it merely appears that everything within the bomb's sphere of influence suddenly vanishes. The darkness will settle and disperse as the light inherent in all things overcomes it so the effect is rarely permanent.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how ST might combine with other elements:


Orange, being the most powerful of the Trans Elements, is the only element that can, in its natural, unrefined, and unmodified state, destroy the fully matured outer casing of Smoke. This is another way to create an antimatter explosion but is, of course, much riskier and much more violent.


Usually, this combination simply leads to more ST. However, concentrated amounts of Smoke with the right ratio to Clear can cause CT Elements to become solid black or gray opaque briks. This can be useful for some construktion but is not by itself cost effective.


Smoke and Yellow are about as close to opposites as you can get in the BrikVerse. YT carries within it the essence of Light and Life in the BrikVerse while Smoke carries within it the essence of Darkness and Entropy. Thanks to the outer shells of the elements, they can be placed in proximity to one another without too many problems. When used in opposition to one another, the higher concentration of either element with eliminate the effects of the other. Equal concentrations will simply have no effect on one another. But if the elements were to be combined somehow, the resulting effect would theoretically be nothing short of catastrophic. Apocalyptic, even. No one knows for sure, though, as it has never been managed.

Yellow Transparent, the Element of Infection

YT Element.png

When the Great Maker first said "Let there be Light!" and flipped the switch in his playroom, those first rays of Light flooded the room and soaked into the Beige Carpet. As the Carpet spread throughout infinity, becoming the space between worlds, it carried with it the scattered remnants of that original Light and lit up the stars. No light in the BrikVerse can ever match the intensity of purpose of that original Light but the Carpet drinks it all in anyway.

Every time a Farcaster takes a shot of a battlefield, that light is captured and reflected dozens, hundreds, or possibly thousands of times as viewscreens go live all over the BrikVerse. Farcasters edit out the appearance of the yellow haze by adjusting white balance before the images go live but it still lurks there, comprising a part of that white light, and it multiplies exponentially as Beige Carpets everywhere are drenched in the light of those viewscreens.

Careful and clever miners know how to sift gently through the threads of the Carpet, that very fabric of the universe, to extract this ore. It is used, naturally, primarily as a light source by minifigs but if enough Yellow Transparent (YT) is layered together and significantly compressed, it can generate an intense heat and may serve as a power source or weapon of some kind.

Yellow Transparent Variants

There are several alternate versions of YT in the BrikVerse.

Dungan Peesaber

Dungan Jaw-Jaws are disgusting, coprophagous monsters that have the ability to draw upon the mystikal properties of excrement. Since Everyone Poops, this is a potent power indeed and its use strikes fear into the hearts of minifigs all over the BrikVerse. As an extension of this power, some Dungans have learned to shape their bodily waste into usable teknology. One of the more common expressions of this ability is their famed, and feared, Peesaber. Dungan crafters draw out the destabilized YT in their urine (the light of the universe is in literally everything) and compress it over and over again until it becomes relatively solid again and grows lukewarm. The process is supposedly secret and highly ritualized but there are rumors that the crafter simply uses his own body as a compressor, by recycling his own urine and refraining from partaking in others' in order to preserve its purity (yellow is almost universally perceived in the BrikVerse as representative of the concept of purity). Peesabers are some of the only viable "area of effect" melee weapons in existence, dealing splash damage on contact with any surface, and are virtually unblockable thanks to their semi-solid structure (which regenerates immediately upon destabilization). The splash is supernaturally charged and causes insane, panicked levels of intense revulsion in those it touches. The Dungans are unhurt by this effect. In fact, it seems to excite their battle lust further. Dungan Warriors revel in the backsplash even more than they do in the spray of RT that flows from their opponents opened arteries.

Interactions with other Transparent Elements

Elements can have unique effects when combined; following are examples of how YT might combine with other elements:


Yellow and Green together are commonly called the Element of Plague. Both spread rapidly on their own but together their rate of expansion is exponential. They can serve as an uncontrollable, unstoppable carrier for virtually anything but many particularly vile agencies have used the combination to spread virulent diseases.


Yellow and Orange complement one another in a primal, elemental kind of way. Typically, this combination produces the BrikVerse's hottest burning fires, particularly if the Yellow is compressed before combination.

YT + PuT

Yellow and Purple can be combined in precise quantities at specially prepared locations to fold space and create portals which facilitate instantaneous travel between two distant points in space.

Transparent Elements in Different Shades

Sometimes, Trans Elements will appear significantly darker or lighter than usual. Sometimes even so significantly that they may be considered variants of the typical Transparent, despite having the same properties. Perhaps surprisingly, Smoke Transparent and Yellow Transparent Elements combining with other Transparents account for only a small percentage of the basic Light and Dark Trans colors. Instead, the vast majority of Transparent Elements take on differing shades due to any number of environmental factors.

They could have come into contact with another non-Trans Element, for example. Such an Element may have modified the Trans (thus creating a variant), of course, but far more likely is the result that the interacting Element is nullified in all but the most superficial manner (such as the coloration of the resulting Element). The Legitimitium MultiVerse is vast and, fundamentally, a Creative Existence (even if the BrikVerse is also highly destructive in nature) so new Elements are being discovered all the time. Either result is highly likely.

Still more likely, however, is the most obvious reason for differing shades of Trans: the simple fact of the Element's originating environment. Suppose a Trans crystal grows in the cavernous heart of a lonely asteroid. Having not been exposed to the light of the BrikVerse, it may very well have grown dark. Now suppose the same kind of Trans Element grew within the cave systems of a planet in the same System but here interacted with some kind of organic life that altered its structure and caused it to give off an eerie glow (effectively growing as a Light Trans crystal). Players are encouraged to come up with any number of reasons why Trans Elements might take on differing shades. One player even wholly diverges from the typical Trans scheme, noting that Trans Elements take on particular colors due to emotional resonance. Light and Dark variants on those colors, then, would simply be different emotions.

Transparent Elements with Glitter

Perhaps the most common occurrence of this type of Transparent Element occurs within the Love and Friendship Factions, Glitter being a natural byproduct of the dazzlingly bright and happy forces. As with any other "altered" Trans Elements (like Light and Dark Elements), there could be any number of reasons for this appearance and any number of resulting powers.

Synthetic Trans is a prime example. These Trans do not grow organically and are not found naturally. Instead, they are created in labs to mimic the properties of the naturally occurring stuff exactly. The Glitter, in that case, is often a harmless (but telling) byproduct of the Element's construction. That's not to say that Glitter Trans doesn't occur naturally, though. It's just as possible for organic Trans to grow in an area with a high metallic content, such as an ore mine or a derelict spaceship.