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Major Events

  • Admiral Ross appears under the guise "Ammoman."
  • Concept of "Forum Battles" is introduced.

Forum Battles

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Pesogores Superproject Codename Persogoras The first forum battle, it sparked a fire that has yet to die.
Superprojct codename Persogoras
Natalya Death War Project the battle sets the Assyrian Star Empire (pesgores and Natalya), the Czech Republic (Moronstudios and AmmoMan), the Space Ninjas (Theblackdog), the Space Pirates (Rody), and the Gludavian Raiders (Niflheim) in deadly combat from clashing ground forces up to the mighty Assyrian space cruiser on the desert world of Perseid IV. Although they sustained heavy losses, the Czechs and their allies managed to force the Assyrians to withdraw, and achieved a decisive victory over the Empire.
Death War Project
Theblackdog TBD Project The armies of Santa's little helpers, the black hat men, the minifig liberation army, and the urban combat division fight to the last man; each with a spaceship and several vehicles to play with. The setting is a desolate rainbow town in which countless atrocities must have occurred. The battle ends in a victory for the minifig liberation army.
Tbd Project

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Natalya Battle of Death In a futuristic city of death; there is only war. A coalition of Chzeck republican and Space Pirate forces attempt to defeat the mighty Assyrian empire from within a moon base infested area. The battle ends in Assyrian victory.
Battle of Death
The Lizardman Space troopers vs imperials vs knights "Oh god!!!! It's Evan!!!!!!! A dimmy named Evan, with the most ugliest face ever ran out onto the streets and looked over the battle grounds. Another minifg looked at his face and was instantly killed. "
space troopers vs imperials vs knights
Leggo Eggo Viking Massacre Two predominantly Viking armies fight each other, presumable in a struggle for dominance in the local area. One army; comprised of predominantly blue colored Vikings comes out on top.
viking massacre
Captain Noumouth First Battle for Emerald Base The green sabre brigade lead by Captain Noumouth stands guard defending their emerald fortress from a ragtag group of star-troopers with a significant amount of firepower. The battle goes on as expected for some amount of time when suddenly ...When suddenly GRIMTHAULD THE DESTROYER appears!! He goes about destroying the ramparts of the castle until the base is destroyed and everyone is dead.
the first battle for emerald base
NELUG Battlestationesque Alien Spaceship game Nelug members created a standard for cooperatively building modular spacestation rooms. A large collection of such rooms sits on a table and becomes invaded by several teams of explorers who must fight eachother to gain the resources nesecary to escape the labryinth. Meanwhile; Dangerous Aliens roam the halls through random dice rolled directions and must be avoided in order to increase the chances of survival!
Battlestationesque alien spaceship game
CranEvil9 Vikings vs Exopilots Totally fucking awesome. A Viking raiding party decides for some reason or another to raid a futuristic hangar full of absolutely beautiful mecha. The mecha pilots then rise up to defend their home and beautiful, beautiful mechs. Many people die in the battle; but eventually it gets late and everybody decides to go to bed. They learned a valuable lesson that day; killing people is awesome. but it doesn't really matter unless you manage to kill ALL the people.
vikings vs exopilots
Pesgores *Lego Rebels Battle!!StormTroopers vs The Green golemBattle for the Riverside Base Deep in the ancient recesses of Portugal, the forces of Pesgores are battling away in a series of conflicts described only as Triangle Jobs. While the meaning of this phrase remains perpetually ambiguous, you can expect to see wildly malfunctioning rocket launchers, stormtroopers used as projectiles, and massive casualties from friendly fire.
triangle jobs
NELUG Weird War 2 Let's just say that not all of the Germans were on the same side. The Axis troops had to move a couple of ancient artifacts from one side of the board to the train yard on the other side of the board. The Allied troops had to stop them.
Weird War II
Red Clay Studios (KingofBrix) Red Clay Army Red Clay Studios’ debut battle breaks new ground in a number of important areas, while keeping true to the traditions of its classical predecessors. The Dimmy Army led by a Dimmy Mage has been witnessed before in the Battle for Nagateppo, but never used with such power and Dimmy precision, bringing about the Classik BrikWars Ending in perfectly executed form. This report also marks the first sighting of what will inevitably become BrikWars tradition – the use of peach-colored minifigs for menial slave labor and subsequent execution. It’s institutionalized racism at its finest!
red clay army
MoronStudios Almost Agro Arena the arena saw more intensive use of the Medik than any battle report to date, including a botched operation towards the end with impressive results.
almost agro arena
Olanthor and Kidko Saturday Smash Off In which Olothontor and Kidko have found a novel use for the BrikWars forums – they organized a live feed for their Saturday battle, each posting photos and play-by-play commentary during their opponent’s turn, allowing the forum audience to watch the battle in progress and comment along the way. The battle itself is the usual chaotic explosion-packed romp. Although sadly lacking in the obligatory catclysmic world-destroying fireball at the end, the event bodes well for similar exhibitions in the future.
Olanthor and Kidko
Red Clay Studios Division by zero "Both armies stare each other down, despite them not being in each other's field of vision. It's a mental stare down. Objectives... Well, Dan needs to kill the King Dragon, who can't be killed. Good luck with that. I need to find the Holy Grail and corrupt it with demonic magic in order to bring upon the world a plague that would eat away at all flesh, leaving a skeleton army for me to command."
divide by zero
The Wizard Urban Warfare battle Two brothers duke it out with their brikwars armies in a semi-constructed urban setting.
urban warfare
The CrazyClone Vikings vs Aliens As with most games with titles that have v.s. in them; there's not really much to say about this battle. Vikings and "aliens" fought with each other and died on the fields of crazyclone's table.
vikings vs aliens
Durandalski Sibling Rivalry: Battle of the Weird Lands Durandalski and his sister toss over a hundred troops at each other, in a semi-heated battle between the forces of Commander Roland of Morfair and Princess Liader of Brinstar. Each side rolled dice to determine their secret mission objective, and then sent their armies into a battle of cataclysmic… surrendering. Fortunately some of the surrendering units turned out to be faking it. Durandalski’s report includes the following passage, which is very satisfying: “We estimated that over half of each of our forces, that’s nearly 60 minifigs, were killed in an area about 1 and a half feet square. The bodies were piled up on each other, and the living had to be propped up on top of the dead. I also sniped my own medic, after he failed six revival attempts.”
Battle of the weird lands
BlueBright Andrew's first time A battle between lord Valdek's shadow knights and the nesquick Bunny's tusken raiders ensues among friends and is fuelled by sugar highs and colorful captions.
Andrew's first time
BlueBright Battle of the Butts In a fairly novel idea; orange pieces are scattered around the map and used as "Construction points", which can be saved up and used to purchase whatever the players want to help them in game. The game itself involves a three-way war between Vikings, SW rebel soldiers, and a variety of woodland creatures. "I was fed up with my ewoks dying for no reason, so I spawned the vehicle “Exploding mobile research lab”. One of my ewoks got in, drove it up to Luke Skywalker (who has done jack all the entire game) and exploded…in his FACE. The following picture demonstrates the amount of death that resulted."
Battle of the Butts
BlueBright Battle for BananaFish My objective was to capture the starfish of power from the clutches of the evil galactic empire (commanded by the malevolent Andrew). The empire’s goal was to steal back the banana of power…wait, I’ve used that one…the banana of evil from my cold icy droid grip.
Battle for Bananafish
MNGG Megablox vs lego battle 1 In a game to test out the rules of Brikwars; 13 year old piltogg and his mom duke it out to discover who will win; megabloks or legos
Megablox vs lego battle 1
MNGG Megabloxvslego battle 2 In a far mor eintensive campaign, the whole of MNGG; also all 13, participate in a battle where leg-ore forces assault the negalith - one of the most powerful and imposing structures of the negaverse. This genocide is in some way also to rescue lego forces which have been captured alive for conversion via nega-taint.
megablox vs lego 2
MNGG Space Race In a pick-up battle between Piltogg and one of his buddies, space faring blue men fight castlemen for no good reason.
space race
MNGG Battle of the Bloody Books In yet another pick-up game, piltogg's shadowhawks fight with jophy's dimmy horde and Lord zander's various starwars stuff.
battle of the bloody books
Natalya Assyrians vs Czech Republik Natalya plays with herself on a beige carpet. This time; Assyrians vs chzeck republikans.
assyrians vs check republicans
Saeph Armaggedon LEGO battle No description of these events is available; but the pictures seem to indicate that a bunch of people showed up at a location in the desert with some large boulders, and then proceeded to hack each other to bits and set things on fire.
Armaggedon LEGO battle
Reasonably Clever 2008 Advent Calendar Challenge In a fairly interesting battle idea; the city advent calendar faces off against the city advent calendar with new forces added each day/turn.
Advent challenge
Durandalski and his sister Durandalski vs his sister This particular battle was fought between my little sister and myself. I play a country called Morfair, and she plays Brinstar. We left out all of the tanks and mech units, and played infantry only. We used a random mission system to give each player an objective. There are five missions each with a number. Each of us rolls a dice and then matches our roll with the mission chart. Then we write down the number on a piece of paper and hide it. Whoever first completes the mission they rolled, wins.
Durandski vs sister
Matt My first documented Brikwar Team A attacks team B fortress. The description may not be very cool; but the pictures sure are!
Matt's first Brikwar

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