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First he touched the butt

Now he touched the dice

Blueguy has no limits

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Blue Guy
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Blue Guy was a mercenary and later general supreme of the Empire of Luchardsko and the Third Alliance during the period known as Ragnablok

Early Life

Blue Guy begins to explore the pocket dimension before slapping the mofo behind him.

Blue Guy was born in a backwater of Luchardsko. During the AN-TA War, he served as a Legionnaire, earning several honors for serving with distinction. Following the Treaty of Versailles, Blue Guy sought employment as a roving mercenary. His specialty was in exterminating eldritch horrors. On one such adventure, he was teleported to a pocket dimension where he was forced to fight in a battle royale.

After being declared MVP of the battle, Blue Guy returned to active duty in the Luchardskoan army, rising to the rank of Major.


Blue Guy led the Luchardskoan expedition to the mysterious Planet Butt. He was the only survivor of the battle that ensued there, thanks to the power of the Buttnomikon. With the power of the Buttnomikon, Blue Guy quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top generals in Luchardsko. The Buttnomikon was a critical tool in repelling the waves of Da Brootalz. The other nations of the Third Alliance were forced to rely heavily on Luchardsko for protection. Blue Guy was unanimously elected to General Supreme of the Third Alliance.

General Blue Guy consolidated the Third Alliance and led several campaigns of expansion. However, as Ragnablok raged on, he became increasingly obsessed with artifakts of the apokalypse. Bringing a Luchardskoan fleet to the Planet New York, he captured Austin's Box, the Ragnabook of peace, and destroyed the Trattorian remnant.

Blue Guy wields two of the four Ragnabooks following the Last Battle of New York.