Czecho-Slovenian Republik

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Czecho-Slovenian Republik
Csr soldiers 2008.png
Multi-System Federated Republic
Tek Level 6
Local Influence Only
None listed
Space Ninjas


Immortal Alliance

Notable People

Ice Man

Eva Wilhite

The CSR was formed after a civil war in BR 2002 that was fought against the Assyrian Star Empire. The CSR fought another war against the Assyrians in BR 2003 which firmly established their current territorial control and sovereignty.


The CSR Military has become more regular in recent years, but started as a rag-tag group of commandos and local militias. They only have a few large space cruisers, preferring instead to rely on swarms of small fighters for planetary defense. Their ground forces make use of jeeps or armoured cars but have few tanks. They have used some small mecha in the past.

Commandos are the regular soldiers in the CSR army. Although originally ill-equipped and ill-trained, their current commanders became hardened veterans during the war for independence. They mostly solid-shot weapons such as automatic shotguns or assault rifles. Rocket launchers are also common. Commando squads often have a variety of weapons to prepare them for different situations.


The Czechs are not a big player in the galactik conflicts of the day, but occasionally they find themselves getting stepped on by other empires such as the Akkadians. Their neighbours, the ASE, are the local superpower.