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All action within the BrikVerse originates in the Farce, and the Farce expresses Itself through the five archetypal Dice. These Dice shower down continuously throughout the lives of all minifigs, determining their every success or failure in an uncaring downpour, but the perception of normal minifigs is not expanded enough to detect them without magikal or pharmeceutikal aid. Few minifigs are granted the vision to see the Dice, and those who do are often driven permanently and horrifyingly sane.

The powers of Dice are guarded jealously by the mysterious Human gods who hold them, far removed from the reach of minifig-kind, but centuries of okkult practice have allowed covens of minifig Mystix to gain glimpses into their nature. From the Elemental Dice of the early Alkemists to the Polyhedrik Qwintinuum of the Qwintum Mechanix, esoteric methods of reading the Dice and manipulating their results have surfaced throughout history. The greatest wizards, geniuses, and savants among these groups are those who have captured stray Dice mid-flight, and claimed them for their own.

Diemons and Diemensions

The only element of BrikWars outside of Humans' direct control, the geometry of a rolling Die is a reflection of its internal Diemons, tiny elemental spirits who act as polyhedral agents of chaos to disrupt the best-laid plans of Humans and minifigs. When minifigs manage to harness the powers of one or more Dice, they can be used to create SuperNatural Effects according to their inner Diemons' elemental properties, but Diemons have a will of their own.

Diemension4: The Half-Ass Vortex

The Half-Ass Plane is a realm of crap and action. Its virtue is Fudge, allowing pragmatic BrikWarriors to ignore meaningless details and jump straight into destroying everything. Its sin is Poop, which degrades everything good and unique into unremarkable crappiness.

In the crashing plasma storms of the 4th Diemension, everything is in constant motion and unrest, and the line between Fudge and Poop can be difficult to distinguish.

Diemons: The corrosive d4pions
Dieities: IVhorseman, known for burning plants and losing half his ass in a fight with a Death Wall

Vami IV, who eternally stokes the flames of drama

Major Religion: Trianglism, a breakaway Bob-ist sect preaching the existence of triangles
Monsters: Jaw-Jaws, ravenous coprophages on the hunt for poop

Dimmies, zombie frat bros who oppose quality or consistency in any form

Diemension6: The Rainbow Block Grid

The Rainbow Block Grid is an endless block of architecture spanning to infinity in every direction. Its virtue is Construction, allowing BrikWarriors to assemble new Creations in limitless variety. Its sin is Stasis, tempting them to make those constructions so perfect that they can never be damaged or destroyed.

Diemons: The solid 6creants
Dieities: BrikGuy0410, who reigns in godlike confidence regardless of facts.

Tarren, who always answers the call. Stubby, who cleans up afterward.

Major Religion: BrickMasonry, a benevolent fraternity and mystery cult that oversees all conspiracies in the BrikVerse
Monsters: BlokBots, minifig-shaped block constructions that destroy everything in their path

Diemension8: The Playtrix Stream

The PlayTrix Stream is an ethereal realm of flowing information, where reality is twisted into 8th-Diemensional pretzels by a well-turned pun or split into octofurcated concurrent timelines by terrible wordplay.

The virtue of the PlayTrix is Comedy, allowing minifigs to bypass the Humans' defenses through laughter and make all things possible. Its sin is Friendship, as open-mindedness left unchecked can lead to crippling empathy with opponents.

Diemons: The Ingenious 8vians
Dieities: Almighty Benny, ruler of the 8vian Genies.

Tzan, the fountain of quadripanel wisdom.

Major Religion: The Farce, a humor field that permeates and binds the BrikVerse, divided between a Lite Side, a Snark Side, and a Dim Side
Monsters: Pacifass, the inverse Warhead from the NegaVerse. Pacifass uses forbidden PsychoTherapy to facilitate the terrible spread of Peace.

Diemension10: The Circles of Hellius

The Circles of Hellius are interlocked Daemonic realms in which all forms of warfare and conflict play out in infinite variety, acting as the driving engine of all metal music in the BrikVerse. The Daemon wars have a chance to break out into physical space wherever bloodshed and metal boil out of control, but nowhere more than the planet Hellius, where the primordial Metal Gods warred for eons.

The virtue of the Circles is Ossum, compelling minifigs and Daemons alike to higher planes of glory. The sin is Righteousness, which drives the fallen to try to confine Ossum to limited boundaries and black-and-white definitions.

Diemons: The exceptional 10amytes
Dieities: Warhead, who explodes all peace into violence.

BFenix, whose devotion to metal knows no equal. Silverdream, the shiniest of them all.

Major Religion: The First Universal Church of Kaboom, an even more violent extremist offshoot of the First Universal Khurch of Yxplosions (FUnKY). Kaboomists believe that applied self-detonation is the solution to every problem, large or small.
Monsters: Daemons, monstrous abominations of blood, metal, fire, and ice who seek glory and power within the warring Daemonic courts.

Diemension12: The Magistik Czat

Diemons: The elusive 12vards
Dieities: Quantumsurfer, who shuffles realities like a deck of cards.

Natalya, the Goderator.

Major Religion: The Cult of the Player
Monsters: Humans, strange bundles of fingernailed bony sausages who descend from unknowable infinities in order to throw dice.

Diemension20: Rl'yego

Rl'yego is a warped realm of hyperbolic geometries and illegal building techniques. Its colors outside of space and time are rumored to have been the source of the Gray Shift, bleeding through and opening the way for the NegaVerse's catastrophic POOP Invasion in BR 2,002.

Diemons: The Inescapable 20kles of BrikThulhu
Dieities: Overwatch Elite, who annihilates logic and obviates relevance

Scratch, the mobfather, whose network of influence permeates realities

Major Religion: The KaThulhik Church, an ancient and entrenched torture cult with a complex ecclesiastc hierarchy and powerful influence over civilizations of the faithful. KaThulhiks worship torture itself, most often symbolized by an innocent victim nailed to two crossed pieces of wood.
Monsters: BrikThulhu, a Ragnoroktopus best known for arranging the annihilation of BrikVerses.