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MultiVersal Phratries
Tek Level 7
Dominion over WildSpace
Anyone of Convenience
Anyone of Circumstance
Notable People
Jormangandr Clan

The Gunnar-Grim are a truly ancient race of spacefaring tekno-magikal dwarves, sent out on a holy quest by their creator god, the Mountain King, to spread across the stars and seed new life within the great void of space. To this effect, they built one hundred of the greatest SHIPs many universes have ever known, the StarForges. Each SHIP was commanded by its greatest Clan, with thousands of lesser Clans populating the great space beast, and was directed by the Mountain King ages ago to set off in different directions to light up the MultiVerse.

Only one, the StarForge Jörmungandr, has ever breached the BrikVerse. Dealing with the fragmented reality here has been a challenge every day since.

The StarForges

StarForges are Mythik Class PLOT Specification StarShips, absurdly colossal structures capable of housing more than a tenth of the race's entire population. They are shielded and armored with the most advanced and arkane defenses ever devised by a whole people working together or taken as trophies over years of grueling battle with worthy opponents. They sport an uncountable amount of guns, which can spring from anywhere upon the hull to devastate enemies at any range. But what really makes a StarForge is in the name. The SHIP is powered by a core greater than a sun. It can consume and convert any matter into usable energy with one hundred percent efficiency. And it can literally create Stars and Worlds. StarForges, then, are the unassailable, unstoppable, and lonely guardians of Creation in the BrikVerse.

The Ecto Conflict

The severely beaten and battered Jörmungandr Clan stumbled into the Devoid Sector and found there a bounty for the taking. A creator race, exceptionally strong in its power, ruled over the interstellar region. The dwarves wasted no time in brutally excising these creative energies and feeding them to their great StarForge so that they could begin to heal. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late for the races in the region to come together and do much of anything about it (though they tried). In a short time, the dwarves had committed a genocide to save themselves from extinction. The result, however, was the creation of a new race of enraged undead spirits who wanted vengeance upon the Gunnar-Grim in their midst. A side effect of their birth into the universe was the creation of a new element, Ecto-115, which contained powerful destructive properties. The dwarves, unrepentant, saw this element as rightfully theirs, enraging the undead, these Zeitgeisteskrankheit, even more. The two would have battered at one another for eons, each really unable to much hurt the other, were it not for the intervention of a third party seeking control over the element, several battlegroups of the Ketir-Iah, a nearby Space Empire.

The Progress of the Jörmungandr Invasion

  • In BR 2,012, the Gunnar-Grim lock horns with the other two forces over the element Ecto-115, as well as the attempt by the Geist to make them pay for their atrocity.
  • In BR 2,013, external settlements and garrisons in the Geirdriful and Eir Systems are wiped out by the Geist but the dwarves hold firm against the newly arrived sorcerers.
  • In BR 2,014, the Grim's magikal defenses are suddenly breached by the clever Ketir-Iah and the Grim are forced to retreat several Systems. The Geist seem to have made a temporary alliance with the sorcerers to the minds of the Grim.
  • In BR 2,015, the Geist mysteriously crumple. Grim command suspects a Ketir-Iah trick but the vise tactic they'd been using suddenly fails and gives the Grim a chance to regroup.
  • In BR 2,016, missing any attack from their primary foes, the Grim take the opportunity to obliterate much of one of the Ketir's battlegroups.
  • In BR 2,017, the Ketir-Iah push back hard against the Grim but their focus is divided and the war comes to a standstill instead.
  • In BR 2,018, the Devoid Sector is BROOTALIZED in what is now known as Ragnablok. The impenetrable, invincible, inconceivably powerful StarForge Jörmungandr is utterly destroyed. Millions of Gunnar-Grim lives are lost. Some survive, left behind in a BROOTAL wasteland, putting scraps of teknology together to enable themselves to once again reach the stars.