Magikalennic War

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Started in BR 2,017 between the Kult of darkness and the Omegalon federation over control of the Magikalennic sector.

Forces involved

Kult of Darkness:

Darkstorm Empire (lead)

Alkeria(Possible defector)

Black September Pirates

Space Austria (cameo)

Omegalon Alliance:

Omegalon Federation (lead)

Praetorian Empire

   RARCom (indirectly)

Battles of the war:

The fall of Beitac III

The event which spurred off the war, in which Darkstorm forces invaded and corrupted an Omegalon world.

A Magikalennic Encounter

DRK and Omegalon forces met on a planet covered in debris, along with a reconnaissance team from The Space Austrian 315th auxiliary platoon, the DRK forces secured friendship with the Space Austrians, and won Pyrrhic victory. [[1]]

Close Quarters

A large Omegalon army was sent to retrieve black hole teknology from a small planet, but they were attacked by Darkstorm forces and their allies, after a massive explosion weakened the Darkstorm forces, the Omegalons were able to capture the tek [[2]]

THE LAST EAGLE, Siege of Vienna III

DRK and Omegalon forces took sides in the conflict over the great Austrian City - currently unresolved [[3]]

The reclamation of Beitac III

Currently unresolved [[4]]

The 315th Auxillary platoon The only Space Austrian unit involved in the conflict, however they had aid from several leaders, the Space Austrians had a good relationship with the Darkstorm empire, but tried to avoid direct conflict with the Omegalons