Darkstorm Empire

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Darkstorm Empire
Tek Level 6
Unknown Number of Systems, at least 200
Space Austria
Fifth Alliance
Omegalon Federation
Notable People

DRK Characters


The Darkstorm Saga

(Courtesy of TheAtomikPunk)

The Deadly SpaceMan Invasion

Once upon a time, in BR 1,977, when the Deadly SpaceMen began to invade the brikverse, they came across one planet that intrigued them. Minifigs, not protofig or DSM, inhabited this planet. "How could this be possible?" they wondered. They invaded anyway.

As they always do, they conquered this planet as well. However, the minifigs all put up one hell of a fight. While they did so, one scientist (a mad one, though all scientists are mad, especially when they can't get a grant) devised a way to defeat the DSMs invading their planet.

He worked endlessly, concocting solutions and potions, mixtures and venoms, until he one day mixed certain ABS (still unknown to this day which they were) and it began to vibrate. Soon it vibrated so quickly the vial it was in shattered. The scientist didn't know what to do - so he put the substance in another container. That one too ruptured. One day, when the scientist approached the substance that had broken his last vial, he decided that whatever he had created, it would be useful as a weapon. So, as any warlike minifig would, he scooped it up in his hand and ran out the door of his lab.

As the substance vibrated, the scientist felt his hands do so as well. Suddenly, the substance simply absorbed into the minifig's hand! He suddenly felt disoriented, and stumbled to the ground. He soon awoke, but with a strange feeling of power inside of him. He suddenly was startled as huge laser blasts scream over his head. The deadly spacemen are coming! he thought to himself.

He got up and began to run toward his lab to grab a weapon, but he stopped after a few studs. He thought to himself, although feeling quite irrational, that he wouldn't need a weapon. But that's absurd! he thought. Ignoring his better judgment, the scientist follows his instinct to run over the hill where the blasts came from. As he did, he came face-to-face with several Deadly SpaceMen.

Without even thinking, he lifted his hands, releasing a burst of black energy, causing the DSM to writhe around on the ground, violently at first, then slower, then not. A black tint shaded the DSM's face as it died. The other two attacked the minifig, to no avail. The gunfire and sword slashes had no effect on him- he kept on shooting bursts of this mysterious energy at the DSMs, blackening them with ease. Finally! he thought to himself - finally, I have devised a weapon to destroy these invaders! He realized the potential of this weapon- invincibility, the ability to kill DSM in one shot- this could be the end of the war.

As he valiantly attacked DSM ships, destroying equipment and DSM alike, he faced more and more Deadly SpaceMen. After much time and many DSM dead, he suddenly was hit by a different kind of weapon- one that doesn't bounce off of him. Crying out in pain, he fell to the ground. He quickly realized that he couldn't move- at all. The Deadly SpaceMen, unable to kill this new creation, used a special weapon to neutralize the threat. They compress the molecular structure and locked him-or it- into a small cylinder and send it deep into space. It was never seen again...until...one day...on the S.S.A. Hyperion...

The Capture of S.S.A. Hyperion

...on the S.S.A. Hyperion. The ship was on a routine patrol of the Alehi sector of their space.

While on patrol, the ship encountered a small cylinder floating through space.

Because protocol was nonexistent there at that time, the captain proceeded to order to teleport the object into the teleport room. An officer went to investigate. Suddenly there was a small explosion - the cylinder spattered a black goo over the inside of the room.The officer came out of the room, both slightly disgusted and slightly intrigued.

"I'm fine guys. I don't know what that stuff was. I'll have to clea- *cough* *COUGH*

The officer was overtaken by the black goo, which was the scientist from many years ago.


He reaches out and touches the officer next to him. He too began to blacken to the figure of the strange new black monster.

Both ominous figures turned to face the remaining crew. A short battle ensued, but the crew never stood a chance. The captain also fell to the dark figures.

The capture of the Hyperion caused S.S.A. headquarters to be alerted. They then dispatched two dragonfly-class interceptors to either retake or destroy the ship. However they would not succeed. Two of the infected crew teleported onto the fighters and infected the pilots. The three space craft then entered formation and headed towards Nexus 001.

Within a few hours, a transmission was sent to the Hyperion.

-Begin Transmission-

"This is Archsentinel Hasdiel. I order you to stand down and surrender all stolen vessels to the authority of the Syndicate Star Alliance immediately!"


Your noncompliance will be disastrous for you. Please reconsider."


-End Transmission-

The Taking of Nexus 001

After some time passed, and the Hyperion had conquered more and more ships and figures, the small fleet arrived at Nexus 001, where the central government of the S.S.A. is stationed. As the station's defenses kicked in, Darkstorm beamed all of his warriors along with him onto the station. The Hyperion was quickly destroyed, along with the remaining ships. The station's internal sensors detected the beam-in, but couldn't find any lifesigns. A defense squad was dispatched to find Darkstorm and his infected warriors but they were soon infected as well.

Later on the bridge of Nexus 001...

An officer ran into the room. "Archsentinel, I have a very important message for you

"Yes?" the Archsentinel replies.

The officer threw a glob of black goo onto the ground. Slowly, a figure arose from the ground.


One guard raised his gun to meet Darkstorm. But before he could even pull the trigger, the guard behind him blew his head off.

Quite quickly a battle ensued, with the remaining guards revealing they had already been turned.

One of the alien officers was able to shoot lightning from his hands he charged an attack and he discharged it on the black body of the messenger, who was already fully turned. The messenger doubled over in pain, then collapsed onto the floor.

Darkstorm again used his powers to attack the golden knight.

The alien again charges his energy, and discharges towards Darkstorm. He just quickly realized that he is being shot at and, in an act of pure ninja-like reflexes, dodged two bolts of lightning after they were fired not ten studs from him.

The guard, no longer tied up with attacking the golden knight, shot the energy alien. Darkstorm walked over away from the scene of battle for a moment, then began to hold out his hands. Like a snake of the night, a form slithers around his hands only to stretch out, molding itself into a long cylinder. The surface appeared as smooth as a gentle pond, undisturbed by the wind. Suddenly, other objects formed on and around the cylinder. Darkstorm takes his new gun and points it directly at the Archsentinel-Then, in a brilliant flash of OTC light, blew the Archsentinel to bits.

Darkstorm Influence

Later, the dark lord went to multiple factions offering exactly what each one wanted.

Captain Edward Morgan

Aboard the Black September:

Captain Edward Morgan plans his next voyage..

A strange black substance seeps in the open window..

A black figure materializes from the goo

"Now now, is that anyway to treat your guest? Why don't you put down the gun and I'll explain why I am here."

"I'm listening.."

"Doesn't it ever get tiring to raid colony after colony without a true cause?"

"Not really. But it is getting more difficult to raid some of the richer colonies.

"And now we come to the reason I'm here."

"I would like to offer you a chance for the ultimate spoils."

"Such as..?"

"Such as all the riches in galaxy Nehelennium"

"Go on."

"I am forming an alliance of outcasts to take our rightful place as kings of the brikverse. You are the first I am recruiting."

"Well, if you can promise me three things, I'll join you on your little conquest."

"What do you wish?"

"What every pirate wishes for: Babes, booty, and all the booze I can drink."

"I would expect nothing less."

"Then we have an accord...By the way, who are you?"

"I am Darkstorm...."

Emperor Ato

Some would be more hesitant then others.

Emandiputs and Emperor Ato walk through the halls of the Space Austrian palace...

Emandiputs: I heard that another faction invited you to join their alliance, have you considered their offer?

Emperor Ato: Yes, I have, we send some aid to them a few weeks ago, they told us that they needed help bringing peace to their sector. The Noble captain in charge of our troops said that the soldiers were treated well.

Emandiputs: Perhaps you should consider joining them.

Emperor Ato: I might, but I have some reservations, given our present status, I'm not sure if a membership with the Kult of Darkness is the best course of action to securing the greater good. Also, I was rather offended by the way in which I was offered the proposal.

Emandiputs: ..I see, I would advise that you refrain from joining their alliance, but offer our services in times of need.

Emperor Ato: I had thought the same thing. What news did you have for me?..

Hiremas Alkerith

After the successful creation of the portals and the discovery of the rest of the multiverse, an emergency meeting was held. These meetings were held in a secret temple hidden somewhere in the forests of central Alkeria.

Hiremas Alkerith: I am glad that we have finally decided to end this war, and I hope that the fifth alliance will greatly help us all. But it is not enough. With the discovery of all of these new worlds, galaxies and systems, there is no way we can possibly survive on our own. We successfully fended off one attack yes, but many more will come. What course of action do you suggest we take?

Gree: As you say, we have already defended one attack. Surely my men could repel any others that come? It would be free of charge, of course.

Hiremas Alkerith: Gree, despite all of your army's firepower, there will always be bigger armies out there. We can't afford to take a chance and risk total invasion.

Aldebraan: You are suggesting that the fifth alliance itself is not strong enough? We have two demigods Hiremas, three if you count HIM.I do not feel we are in a bad position at all, but-

Hiremas Alkerith: "Brother", I have heard tales of an Immortal empire of some kind. Every, single, soldier is a demigod or something similar. If they were to invade us, we would stand no chance. This *Powers up display table* is a ship that was spotted by one of our scouts in a large, densely populated galaxy we found. Transmissions we intercepted show it is an "Akkadian" ship, and our pilots report it was PLANET SIZED. If a ship like that were to attack us... we and everything we know would be lost.

Shadow: *Appears out of nowhere * I might just be able to help with that...

Miles Ripley: Shadow? What are you doing here? This is a secret meeting!

Hiremas Alkerith: What the-

Aldebraan: Should I know you?

Shadow: I am Shadow. Before I talk, I would like all of your associates to leave this chamber. I wish to speak with the five, and the five alone. *Vanishes*

Miles Ripley: Uh....OK? *All of the second in commands etc. Leave the chamber*

Shadow: *Reappears* I never told you where I came from up until now, did I?

Hiremas Alkerith: No, you did not. But I don't see-

Shadow: I am actually a powerful Darklord from another universe entirely. I came here after the first portal was opened as a messenger from the DARKSTORM EMPIRE. The empire is looking for recruits for a new alliance, and you have been selected as candidates. Your extensive knowledge of portal technology and Aldebraan's dark powers makes him an especially suitable candidate. You would be given a high rank, and Darkstorm would treat you well. What do you say?

Hiremas Alkerith: WHAT??? You'd better not be joking Shadow...

Shadow: I'm perfectly serious, now, will you join us

Gree: I don't know. What kind of protection would this "Darkstorm" empire offer us?

Drill-X What he said!

Aldebraan: I still don't know who this mofo is

Shadow: Complete protection against otherworldly threats, and a lifetime's supply of playboy magazines.

Gree: Wait... did you say....PLAYBOY???COUNT ME IN!!!

Hiremas Alkerith: God dammit gree.

Lurtz: I will also join this alliance.

Aldebraan: Darkness ever joins with Darkness. I agree to joining, but WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY???

Drill-X I automatically sign whatever is put in front of me! Count me in!

Shadow: And you Hiremas?

Hiremas Alkerith: I don't know... I don't know...

Aldebraan: Hiremas, you talked about an alliance, this is our chance!

Gree. Absolutely! And just think of all of those magazines...

Hiremas Alkerith: OK... fine. I'll join. What harm could it possibly do?

Shadow: Good. I shall report this news back to Darkstorm. Farewell!

  • Vanishes*

Hiremas Alkerith: I'd better report this to my men.

Aldebraan: You talk to your men?

Hiremas Alkerith: Yeah. That's how we kick your asses.

  • Vanishes*

Gree: Huh.

Omegalon Federation

..and just as the budding empire made allies, they also made enemies..

Location: Omegalon Federation Military HQ

"Hello. If you do not already know me, I am General Kage, commander of the Omegalon Federation Space Forces. Today, citizens of the Federation, we have a new threat. Recently, as you all know, Beitac III fell to an unknown invasion force. However, what you don't know is what the planet fell to. Today, you ought to know the answer, for it concerns the safety of our nation.

This... thing is what single-handedly destroyed our entire military garrison. It apparently is a part of the DRK, and was sent to eradicate our presence in their area, to prepare our planets for their taking. Naturally, we tried to aid our citizens, and help those in need on Beitac III. DESTROY OUR ENEMIES, What did they do?

Every single envoy, research team, and relief/medical team we have sent to Beitac III to aid our own people has been utterly destroyed. Furthermore, after seeing Beitac II, where relief was being provided, you proceeded to do the same to another one of our home worlds. This carnage is what we get. We cannot stand for this. We cannot simply stand by as the DRK invades and kills us, then doesn't listen to our pleas. Now, Darkstorm, we tried to Garbled You didn't listen. We tried to help our own citizens. You wouldn't let us. Now, let us repay in kind. Enemies will rue the day they heard our names, and you will especially. As we speak, our forces are gathering on your borders.

Our fleets approach.

As we speak, you are getting ever more screwed. Beitac is ours, then your systems are as well. DRK, SSA, and the 5th Alliance? We're coming for you. Consider this a declaration of war.

For the Federation!

-End message-