Moloch Vorhut

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Moloch Vorhut
Religious Order
Tek Level 7
Holds an iron grip on the Delta cluster, maintains a presence in Alpha and Upsilon as well.

Headquarters:City of Rebirth

Svoboda, Armata Alliance, Black Legion
Notable People

A Molochite Paladin, Elite Holy defenders and crusaders of the order. Art by Ninja_Bait

The Moloch Vorhut (Literally meaning Moloch's Vanguard), Sometimes referred to as The Order or as the Molochites are a fantical religious cult from the Monolith Realm

Vorhut Order Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Red Black Bright light orange Smoked Red Red


The Order started as a group of zealous mutant hunters who defected from the Imperiya. Today it is a Militaristic Theocracy that hails from the Delta plate Cluster of the Monolith Battleplates. Worshipping a god and beileving that he reincarnates himself in the form of a new leader every time they die. They are Violent, xenophobic and fundamentalist, The Vorhut Order has grown to become quite despised in the politics of their world.

Vorhut travels from plate to plate, spreading the will of their deity, Molokh. Their code dictates that the "Impure" must be destroyed. The Order is openly hostile to pretty much any outsider that doesn't fall in line. It is not uncommon for Vorhut to enslave nonbelievers and use them for dumb labor. Their deeds put them at complete odds with the Svoboda Clan, who oppose them on moral grounds, and of course the Black Legion who they see as a great Evil on the world. *Which they aren't entirely wrong on*

Order soldiers will often accompany Molokh Monks to towns in their territory on "Prayer Days" Where the Monks will stand outside of a town and call for some, or all of it's residents to come out and participate in their Holy Prayer. Vorhut acts as the enforcers to the Religion, and those who refuse, or are suspected of breaking their laws are taken away and enslaved or killed. Towns harboring "Fugitives" such as Mutants will often send them into hiding during these visits. The Prayer Days are a leading cause for conflict between Vorhut and neutral towns and settlements. However within the Delta plates, the heartland of Vorhut's power, there is little outside groups can do about it.

Ethos & Objectives

The Moloch Vorhut is an Authoritarian religious police state that exhibits a fanatical attraction to Tradition, Religion and Xenophobia. Criminals are killed or enslaved. And any outside group that threatens to interfere with the Faith's interests will often be attacked without a second thought.


Vorhut is controlled almost entirely at the whim of a single individual, known as the Grand Master. very few of the Grand Master's underlings hold any real power or significance.

Character Picture Rank Notes Status
Molokh Ancient Molokh is remembered as a hateful, rogue Ancient who started a "Cult of the flame". His cult revolved around lighting people he didn't like on fire. Eventually gaining a large Following of mortals who first became the "Nation of the Flame" and then, the Moloch Vorhut after his passing. Legend says that Moloch sacrificed himself to save the world from Evil. Although "Saved" is a generous term, given the continual rise of the Black Legion loyal to Chernobog long after his death Dead, Killed in battle by unknown forces, presumably by dark forces of the Black Legion,
XIII Phoenix of Moloch "Jericho" Lord of the Flame The 13th Holy Phoenix, Said to be the 13th reincarnation of the Blessed lord Moloch. He holds possession of a powerful artifakt known as the Null Rod, an Elder weapon that can kill foes with a simple touch. Said artifakt is one of the main ways the line of Phoenixes use to make their followers beileve they have divine power.

He was introduced in Chapter 1, although had no lines. He was killed in Chapter 3 during an event of orchestrated Chaos, where Svoboda insurgents and other beast tribes attacked him while travelling. His death led to the takeover by the 14th Phoenix, "Rix". Who though responsible, successfully shifted the blame onto the Order's usual suspects.

Dead, Assassinated by Svoboda
XIV Phoenix of Moloch "Rix" Lord of the Flame The 14th Holy Phoenix, reincarnation of the Blessed lord Moloch. He gained power by orchestrating the assassination of his predecesor by means of Svoboda agitators, and immediatley started an uproar of religious panic and fervour, that saw himself recognized as the new Phoenix. He immediatley changed many facets of the Order to "Prevent further heresey" and greatly expanded his own control over matters in the Holy Territory. Promoting a number of Paladins to the rank of High Inquisitor, effectively his personal Generals.

He rules the Vorhut Order from their Holy city, Rebirth. in the Delta Plates

Atriox High Inquisitor Installed by the 14th Phoenix, Atriox is a high general of the Order, Commanding the Southern and Eastern flanks of the Holy Territory, and leader of all Crusades against the Armata Alliance as well as any operations in the Alpha cluster. Alive
Saraya High Inquisitor Installed by the 14th Phoenix, Saraya is a high general of the Order, Commanding the Northern and Western flanks of the Holy Territory, and leader of all Crusades against the Svoboda as well as any operations against the various primitive and beastfig tribes in their territory Alive


The Vorhut's military forces are made up of several Castes. Formations generally consist of a mixture of all groups. Anyone of a lesser caste must obey and respect anyone of a higher caste, under threat of being labelled a heretic.

  • Inquisitors are the Officers and field commanders of the Army, They also fill the role of Judge in criminal matters on the road. Inquisitors are most notorious for ordering the kidnapping or murders of many innocents who had offended them
  • Paladins are the main warrior caste of the Order. The strongest, most loyal and most pious of volunteers are selected to be the Elite Crusaders of the lord Moloch's army.
  • Sentinels are the specialists and scouts of the Army, they hold authority over the Chosen, But are subordinate to the Paladins. Becoming a Sentinel is usually the most a Chosen can hope to achieve.
  • Chosen are Holy citizens that are conscripted into military service to bolster the numbers of the Army, they also consist of volunteers who do not meet the Order's strict requirements for the Paladin caste.