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The true royal bloodline is fractured but most sources believe it is as follows. The Royal source created the Royal King. The Royal King had two sons. One founded the ShadowHawks. The other was Richard the Leoheart. Richard the Leoheart had a son, Prince, and a daughter, Princess. Princess grew up to become Wilma the Hag. Prince grew up and took the name of his grandfather, The Royal King. The Royal King's son was named King Leon. King Leon's daughter was Princess Rain. Princess Rain's son was named Morlan and he founded Mocia. Morlan's son was named King Meth. King Meth gave the kingdom to Jacko for foolishly defeating VladTron. Jacko's son was The Mildly Good but Mostly Sidetracked King. He ruled the Crown Knights and had the best case for being the true heir to the throne. The Majistik #13 also claimed the throne. He might have been Richard the Leoheart's third son, making him the eldest heir and the true Royal. After the death of The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked King and the Majistik #13, the power struggle begun anew between the returned Morlan and The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked Princess (daughter to The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked King).

The Royal factions can be seen in the Royal Bloodline Chart.

Castle of All Ages

R. 1,978R. 1,983

In the 1,978th Rekonstruktion, the ancient royal empire, whose symbol is the Crown, perfected the art of hinged castlery with the construction of their royal fortress, Yellow Castle 375. While the fates and possible yellowness of the previous 374 castles have been lost to history, Yellow Castle remained the unchallenged pinnacle of castle-building for generations to come, until its fade into obscurity and final mysterious disappearance in R. 1,983. This left no clear heir to Galactik Civilization.

In ages since, rumors and sightings of Yellow Castle in far-flung mist-shrouded frontiers have been reported from remote explorers, pirates, and fugitives; none have been confirmed. It is believed that Yellow Castle will one day return in glory to restore the true Royal king. Until then, the noble bloodlines descended from the true Royal source have fractured and vie for supremacy and familial bragging rights.

Age of Conflict

R. 1,984 - R. 1,993

Two competing factions lay claim to inherit the Royal bloodline, the Leos and the ShadowHawks. The Galactik Civilization is fractured and torn apart, with whole regions of space lost, cut off, or reduced to a primitive barbarism. On many worlds, technology such as yellow castlery is forgotten, but forces loyal to the two houses continue battling at a medieval level.

In R. 1,984, LEG-Ore was first formed into more "realistic" castles, knights, and colors (such as gray castles rather than yellow). These castles came no where near the magnificence of Yellow Castle 375. These new castles were equipped with pieces and weapons such as horses, saddles, helmet visors that both protect the wearer and severely limit line of sight, feather plumes plucked from birds of strange colors, waving flags and bow and arrows. These advancements impressed many in the realm. They copied these items and used them to further their war for power.

The factions fighting for the dynasty each had strongholds. The Leos spent most of their time in the Night's Castle. Their symbol was a blue or yellow lion. Blue and yellow lions must have been running around a lot those days. King Richard the Leoheart had a son and daughter conveniently named Prince and Princess. These two were were nicknamed the Crusaders for their crusades against wolves, the polar opposites of lions.

The ShadowHawks also claimed to inherit the royal bloodline. They resided in the ShadowHawk's Fortress. The army of the ShadowHawks contained units of light and heavy infantry, shock troops and cavalry.

Thieven Hood and his band of merry men left Firewood Forest in R. 1,987. They realized that stealing from the same people over and over again was an easy way to get caught and sent to jail. Thieven Hood was typically seen as a contemporary and supporter of the king Richard the Leoheart, Thieven being driven to outlawry during the misrule of Richard's evil cousin John the Yellow while Richard was away at the Third Crusade. Thieven Hood denounced woman's rights and commanded that there be only one woman in his entire faction, the lovely Maid Maryanne.

King Richard created the knights of the round table as a way of stabilizing power in the land before he left on the crusades and satisfying the Geometric Cult of Doom. This group included knights like Sir Swordalot, Sir Palinad, Dynasmon, Crusadermon and the Black Knight. This Black Knight was a woman who had a nice little family. Her husband was secretly a member of the DarkTron Conspiracy, though. He was a compulsively addicted to joining secret organizations. This led the descendants of the Black Knight to form a faction in R. 1,988. They imaginatively called themselves the Black League. They built themselves a large castle of hinged castlery called Game Master's Castle and invented much of modern horse technology including barding and armor. Their symbol was a blue dragon. Somehow, blue dragons were connected to black knights. Those residing in Game Master's Castle were the first faction the have enough manliness to grow facial hair. The Game Master ruled his faction with an iron fist, but was willing to submit to King Richard.

In R. 1,992, Prince and Princess ran out of wolves to terrorize. King Richard was returning from the Fourth Crusade and the two needed to have proof that they were worthy of inheriting the empire they were going to create and conquer. They decided to show they had power over the people, so they made a goal of turning the humanitarian group that protected wolves into their slaves. By the end of the Rekonstruktion they had spread propaganda that said that the pack of humanitarians were renegades against the royal dynasty. Almost all factions have turned against the pack.

Age of the Ancient Dragons

R. 1,993 - R. 1,995

The battle between the Leos and ShadowHawks ended with both sides losing horribly large numbers. A new faction grew out of the losses with a new policy towards magic. Their royals were the Majistik 12 Wizards. These powerful wizards controlled the fearsome fire breathing dragons that could fly with their red wings. All the other dragons couldn't fly because they didn't have red wings. The Majistik 12 lived mostly in the Majistik Tower, but they had a summer home that they called their "Workshop". The Majistik wizards were seen leaving the kingdom carrying their favorite wands and traveling with carts (loaded with treasure chests), in R. 1,995.

Age of the King Formerly Known as Prince

R. 1,995 - R. 1,996

Prince grew up over time and abandoned his sister, Princess. He stole control of the Realm after the Majistik 12 disappeared with the secret of red winged dragons. He took upon himself a name more indicative of his new position, the Royal King. He used the symbol of his father, the lion. These new Leos created more powerful weapons that were shiny. Shiny armor and swords are more powerful, of course. This faction was the first to clean the insides off of a minifig, creating the first skeleton.

Thieven Hood and his band of merry men were aging by R. 1,996. They were still loyal to the Leos and spent most of their time telling jokes, performing party tricks and dealing with anyone who remained from previous factions.

Age of Eternal Night

R. 1,997 - R. 1,998

As all remaining factions are eliminated with extreme prejudice, a new Royal emerges from the wild forests. He had been raised by bats and they had revealed secrets to him. They had named him "Zubat," which means Bay Leaf. Bay Leaf used the secrets to recreate the flying dragons with not red wings, but transparent orange wings. It is believed that these wings are related to the Orange Transparent Chainsaw. Bay Leaf was also a humanitarian activist for bats. He almost worshiped them like a religion. Princess returned with a new name as she aged, Wilma the Hag. She was Bay Leaf's lady friend until he began to fall into insanity. He thought himself to be a bat and often made sounds and pretended he could see things by yelling supersonically at them. She eventually left him and seeped into the underground revolution. She disappeared.

Final Age of Leos

R. 2,000

The underground revolution centered upon reinstating the Leos as supreme. The Royal King had a son and gave him a family name on his dying day, King Leon. King Leon had a wife and a daughter, Queen Lionora and Princess Rain. They resided in King Leon's Castle, built upon the ruins of the Knight's Castle. King Leon's main enemy was Cowdrick The Cow, a money obsessed advisor who hoped to institute a Royal Bank of Leo. The two fought bitterly over this issue and eventual fell into an all out war. Pincess Rain, meanwhile was courting with a few fellows in the castle. She had a son and named him Morlan. The two of them ran off to the East on the day Bay Leaf was captured and put in jail. They found a village of merry men and settled down there.

Dark Age

R. 2,001 - R. 2,003

Castle civilization is in ruins. With the threads of nobility lost, the universe succumbs to the effects of the Gray Shift and the Peachpocalypse, while the Bionidor Abominations pave the way for the Negaverse's ultimate victory in the Poop Dragon Invasion.

Rainbow Age

R. 2,004 - R. 2,006

The village grew into a kingdom and Morlan grew to be its leader. He named it Mocia, for the sheer mass of MOCs that came from it. It was a primitive society that was blocked off from other more advanced factions by extremely improbable mists and jagged landscape formations. Bay Leaf lived out his life in the West and his faction died out with a whole ton of technology. Mocia turned into a primitive society with little technology and innovation.

Among primitive civilizations, the earliest ABS creations are marked by haphazard construction and wildly clashing colors. Minifig sociologists, who label this stage of cultural development as the "Rainbow Age," believe that this is evidence of primal religious archetypes seated deep within the primitive minifigs' psyches.

Among more advanced civilizations, Rainbowism and Rainbowist systems of belief are viewed as backwards, pagan, and even heretical. Nonetheless, in R. 2,004, the reigning families of the true Royal bloodline had grown decadent and hedonistic, and fell into the libertine Neo-Rainbowist Revival. Forgetting his historic principles and standards of decency, and seduced by the thrill of just slapping MOCs together however he wanted, King Meth instituted a new order of Mocian Rainbow Knights.

King Meth had inherited Mocia from Morlan after Morlan had disappeared. He used the family symbol of the lion to represent himself. How original, right? His first Rainbow Knights were Vulfie, Jacko, Rascal and Cowdrick the Cow. Cowdrick the Cow had spent the time from his war with King Leon till King Meth's ascension to the throne by training and playing chess. VladTron and his forces were hailed as heroes across the galaxy for their series of rebellions against the Rainbow Knights. Jacko was able to temporarily subdue VladTron after one of his most successful attacks. King Meth was impressed and gave Jacko the nobility. King Meth became invisible after Jacko's crowning and spent the rest of his life whispering in people's ears and laughing at their reactions.

Vulfie finally got some common sense sometime around R. 2,006. He left the Rainbow Knights and is thought to have become the protector of the Skully Grail. He joined the Space Knights to quest for the 9 Artifax of Pre-Creation. He was officially entered into the organization when he located the Grail. He is destined to spend an eternity and a half watching over the Skully Grail to ensure that no one unworthy gets it.

To help win the fight against VladTron, Cowdrick the Cow trained two more Rainbow Knights, Ken T. and Rick. The two of them foolishly help King Jacko fight VladTron. They travel to a citadel where they receive the power of heart from a mysterious blacksmith, whom Jacko automatically recognizes as Morlan. Jacko and the new Rainbow Knights trap VladTron inside the Orb of Mocia. The whole kingdom rejoices until new inventors come out of hiding. They bring with them new ideas for color schemes and more sensible armor. These inventors embrace the magical teachings of former leaders like Bay Leaf, Willma the Hag and the Majistik 12.

Age of Modern Dragons

R. 2,007 - R. 2,009

In R. 2,007, the mysterious 13th Majistik Wizard arrived in the realm. On his travels out of the realm he figured out how to shoot lightning. He first plugs a microwave into his wand, then he places tin foil inside the microwave. He sets the microwave for 1:00 and as the tinfoil cooks, it releases the power of purple lightning!

The Majistik #13 ruled the barren wasteland to the East from the roof of Skeleton Towing and Car Repair. His goal was to conquer the other kingdoms and rule them all with his magic. The dark sorcery of his lightning microwave let him create undead car repairmen and control powerful dragons, and his magic 8-ball let him predict what his enemies will be doing. Some say he was related to Ogle, every secret agent's worst fear. Others say he was Richard the Leoheart's illegitimate son, cast to the side because he didn't choose an animal to represent him.

No more factions existed at this point. All races were united. The dwarves kept to themselves, mining strange metals from the mountains. Some other races think these "metals" were a new type of addictive drugs.

The trolls found a box under a table in which there was a cake with the words "EAT ME" on it. Some ate it, thinking that if it made them smaller they could creep into peoples heads and if it made them larger they could smash stuff. The cake made the trolls grow so tall that their heads squished their brains.

The humans united into a super-faction called the Crown Knights. Their royal was The Mildly Good but Mostly Sidetracked King. He was the wise and noble ruler of the King Leon's former kingdom. All the peasants and farmers of the kingdom respected him, and his army of Crown Knights protected him and followed his every whim. When the Majistik #13 sent his undead car repairmen army to attack The Mildly Good but Mostly Sidetracked King's castle, the Crown Knights fought back with siege weapons. Ever since the Rainbow Age, knights have loved catapults so much that it overrides every other design consideration; at one point they were even mounting catapults on the horses.

Age of Restored Leos

R. 2,010 - R. 2,012

In R. 2,010, The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked King was slain in battle against the skeleton hordes. The Crown Knights hoped that his daughter (The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked Princess) would become the land's new ruler, but she had fallen in love with the Majistik #13 thus making herself an enemy of the kingdom. Everything seemed lost.

But suddenly Morlan arrived in the kingdom! He explained to the astonished Crown Knights that he, after getting tired of the rampant Rainbowism in R. 2,004, had left Mocia in secret. For six R.s he lived a hermit's life, until he felt secure that Royal society had advanced.

Morlan took command of the Crown Knights just as the Majistik #13 made a final assault on the kingdom. In the ensuing battle, Morlan sought out the Majistik #13 and killed him. The undead army became unemployed and slowly crumbled to dust. Morlan was hailed as hero and crowned the new King. As a true Leo descendant, he made the Lion the kingdom's new symbol.

But everyone was not happy. Many Crown Knights believed that The Mildly Good But Mostly Sidetracked Princess, as the heir to the last king, was the true ruler of the kingdom. The kingdom was divided by civil war. And to make things even worse, the 12 sons of the Majistik 12 appeared, taking the Princess' side (since she had had the good taste of falling in love with their uncle). All 12 sons had a pet dragon, and in need of a symbol, the Princess' army took the Dragon as their motif.

Return of the Peach

R. 2,012 - ?

In R. 2,012, the armies of Morlan and the Princess had nearly wiped out each other with intense killing. Good fun had been had by all. But then, disaster struck. A grand army of peaches marched into the Royal lands, claiming them for themselves. They were lead by a peach from the north called Aragore who claimed to be the one and only true heir to the Royal throne. All yellow minifigs found it utterly preposterous that a peach would be a Royal heir, but their exhausted armies could not stand against his hordes.

Help arrived from an unexpected direction, however. The trolls, having distanced themselves from the affairs of the world for a long time, now saw fit to take action. Their armies clashed with the vile peaches, and it remains to be seen if green can save yellow from peach.

Recently, the great evil known only as "Movie Tie-ins" has bolstered the peach forces with an ever increasing horde of either short peaches, or peaches who look short after hours of hair styling and photoshop. Wolfpack's estranged cousin, Warg, has been seen helping the forces of troll.