Operation Dominion's Call

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Started: 'G.R. 2014

Allied Nations - Third Alliance War
Allied Nations-United Sytems & Friends Forces
United Systems Alliance, Praetorian Empire, Scythian Empire, Britannian League, Immortal Empire, Konfederacja Polska, Corporate State of Hellios
Allied Nations-United Sytems & Friends Command
Admiral Karr "The God Killer", Admiral Walsh, Lord Retragon, Unlisted
The Third Pan German Alliance Forces
Bavaria, Republic of Independent Nations, Zeruel, The Police State of Venice, Empire of Luchardsko, TLA
The Third Pan German Alliance Command
Zeruel/Elder Gods, Admiral Aimée, Admiral Lachlan, Unlisted
No Decisive Military Victory
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Operation Dominions Call was multi-pronged assault on the Bavarian star system of Fleck. Planned during the waning months of GR 2013, the operation was originally code named a 'Bavarian Freedom' and 'Black Buck', elements from each was incorporated into the far larger Dominion's Call. Ultimately the operation would become a huge military blunder. While it was meant to break the stalemate, it ultimately worsened it.

Battle At Vanderheim

Brittanian charge on Bavarian vessels

A small NATO task force rushes to prevent researchers at Vanderheim Station evacuating data-cores. Ultimately the Bavarian forces carried the day, safely evacuating research and angelic components.

Battle of the Hel Ice Belt

Mecha squadrons face off

Deep within the treacherous Ice Belt of planet Hel is the control system for automated defences across the Fleck system. Unreachable by a conventional starship, Mecha squadrons are deployed in orbit to try and wrest control over the facility.

Siege of Starlark

On the surface, Zugkraftsburg is an agricultural planet of little strategic importance, but cover scans had revealed an underground labyrinth of vaults located deep below the planets crust. Containing enough soldiers, supplies and weapons for a small war. With the invasion of the system, these assets are being evacuated using the Starlark elevator. NATO has moved a large number of warships to stop the evacuation, and prevent the Bavarian threat re-emerging after the war.

Evacuation of Herr Dossell

Battle For The Magic Crystal

Spacewreck Survivors Skirmish

Battle of Gottingen

Battle On The SS Ferkel

Operation on Blumekeranz

Battle Of The Curie Institute