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Major Natalya (SigFig)
Assyrian Star Empire

Canadia Star Legion

Czecho-Slovenian Republik

Natalya is a Super Nerd who loves BrikWars despite being 24, err actually 26 -- no, 28 now. Always full of contradictions, she moved out of her mom's house and to a different country just to say she was independent, but really she just lives with her aunt. She is convinced that she will go somewhere in life, but so far even a university degree hasn't let that happen.

She styles herself as a renegade-type bass-wielding Haruko+Rainbow Dash on roller skates, but the only thing about her which is actually that cool is that she can play roller derby. A championship poster of her and her team hangs on the wall at LEGO's US headquarters.

Natalya acts like she is the boss at everything, even though she isn't. But sometimes to be boss you just have to say it and believe it, which sort-of makes it true even though it is totally not.

Major Natalya

Minifig Natalya is like a Major, mostly because Major sounds cool, but isn't completely in charge of absolutely everything because that would be boring. Her heroic cliché is that she thinks she is too cool for school, but not in a snotty Mean Girls kinda way, this is more like a Joan Jett type of cool, in her mind anyway. This megalomania leads directly to Natalya saying that something is a certain way and it becoming true just because she said so because reality occasionally bends to the will of the strong-willed. Minifig Natalya knows how to use the Maytricks but is more comfortable with trolling other minifigs or telling everyone what to do like a Boss.


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