Prussian-Monarchial Conflict

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The Prussian-Monarchial Conflict

The Prussian-Monarchial Conflict was a part of the Immortal War which began in R. 2,011 as the Inquistadorial Monarchy plotted to attack the newly discovered Neo-Prussian Empire in hopes of seizing their rich system. Difficulties arose for the Inquistadores when they were joined by the VoL and the Brittanian League, the latter of which were old enemies of the Inquistadores. Thus, the invasion force became divided by distrust and a mutual desire to lay claim to as many of the rich resources New Prussia contained themselves.

Acting hastily, Inquistadorial Duchess Angelica Del Montero, suffered her first defeat in Operation Mastercutor, during which a lot of the Inquistadorial Sixth Armada was lost, as well as many ground forces, and the Duchess was subsequently captured. The Prussians didn't emerge unscathed from the struggle, losing many frigates and almost all of their outlying bases surrounding New Prussia, but the capture of Duchess Angelica allowed them to put an early stop to the invasion, forcing the Sixth Legion to hold off their attack.

In the months that followed, the Sixth Legion tried to set up bases along the planets bordering New Prussia, but they were continually harassed by Prussian Ghost Division. With morale sinking lower every day despite deputy commander Admiral Santiago's best efforts, the Inquistadores demanded and the coming of their war hero, Prince Vinambre, to the front, but he was stuck in bureaucracy at the Immortal Palace and received no permission to leave for a very long time, which bought the Prussians even more time.

The Prussian Fleet meanwhile remained at large, and was repaired and outfitted with the help of Avalanion starports.

After many months without any real action, Duchess Angelica was finally released for a ransom, making her return to the Inquistadorial High Council. However, this was all a cunning ploy instigated by the Prussian scientist Sir Bragallot, who sent a cyborg replica of the Duchess into the Council to slaughter everyone, which ultimately sent the Inquistadorial Monarchy into disarray. Enraged by the state of affairs, Prince Vinambre proclaimed himself ruler over all of Dios and left the Immortal Palace, restoring order and rallying his subjects to avenge their losses. He was joined by Duchess Angelica - who had been released shortly after her cyborg replica had done its job - and her husband Felipe Del Montero.

In the meantime the Immortal Empire, fed up with the lack of progress, sent Immortal Advisor Sharane Darkstar to unite the Sixth Legion for a final push into New Prussia. As Sharane traveled to meet her allies, however, she was ambushed by Prussian and Assyrian vessels, who'd been delivered the coordinates of her location by Duchess Angelica's cyborg replica. Though Brittanian reinforcements under the command of Admiral Grim ultimately drove the Prussians off, Sharane's ship was destroyed and she appeared to have been killed during the struggle. Despite his deputy commander Captain Jones' advice, Admiral Grim made no effort to find traces of her demise, seeing the death of the Immortal Advisor and the state of disarray the Inquistadores were in as a solid opportunity to lay claim to the Prussian systems himself.

Sharane had survived however, and, after dispatching Admiral Grim, she and her forces joined Prince Vinambre in his attack on Fort Waldstein, one of the last Prussian outlying bases and home to a powerful ion cannon which made all air attacks on New Prussia or attempts to reach it useless. Restricted to fielding infantry, the Immortal Alliance met staunch resistance, and when the attack seemed to be going wrong Sharane released the Peach Virus on the Prussian systems. She, Prince Vinambre, Duchess Angelica and many high-ranking Prussian commanders such as First Marshal Johanna all died during the struggle, their remains incinerated when the ion cannon, set to overload by Sir Bragallot, exploded, leaving a huge crater in the surface on which the battle had been fought. Duke Felipe managed to escape thanks to the help of Sir Martin Starr, and Sir Bragallot also led some Prussian survivors off the planet. An Assyrian Venus-class Destroyer commanded by Lieutenant Lex tried to purge the surface of the planet with an orbital bombardment, but was stopped by a Dragonhead-class cruiser commanded by Captain Alonso.

The undead did what the Immortal Alliance could not. The Peach Virus consumed Neo-Prussia, driving the survivors out and scattering their forces, but also making the planet and its outlying systems completely uninhabitable, and the resources the war had been fought over, inaccessible.

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The Inquistadores joined the Immortal Alliance as soon as the offer was made despite their reservations of siding with 'undesirable' allies such as the 'barbarous' VoL or their old enemies the Brittanians, hoping it would bring them profit, and ensure they were on the winning side.

The Neo-Prussian Empire first attempted to remain neutral, declining offers from every major alliance. Friendly contacts were established with the Akkadian Empire early on, who gave the Prussians Anti-Matter technology which the Prussian Fleet went on to use for the creation of their Mastercutor-class Battlecruisers. The Prussian Empire later accepted a trade deal with the Brittanian League, but everything quickly went downhill when a Brittanian diplomat known only as 'the Scotsman' attempted to force the Prussian Kaiser to ally the Immortal Empire. The Scotsman was killed, and though the remaining Brittanians were allowed to leave in peace, the Prussians now realized war was unavoidable, and joined the Anti-Immortal Alliance.

Later, most notably in Mission No. X and Killing Time, Prussians fought together with Assyrians. After the destruction of their home planet, the most important remaining fragments of the Prussian Empire finally decided to join the Third Alliance, relying on their resources and support to rebuild the shattered remains of their power.

Diplomacy in action


Diplomacy Breaks Down

6th Immortal Legion

Alliances & Forces

For the Immortal Empire

The Immortal Empire - Sharane Darkstar, Seras

Britannian League Admiral Grim, Admiral Jones, Sir Rolys the Dashing

VOL - Leonidus II

Inquistadores Duchess Angelica, Duke Felipe, Prince Vinambre, Admiral Santiago, Captain Roberto

Indigenous Tribes of New Prussia - Chewbakka

Against the Immortal Empire

The Anti-Immortal Alliance

Neo-Prussian Empire - Der Kaiser, Sir Bragallot, First Marshal Johanna, Sky Marshal Myrna, various officers, commanders and special agents

Assyrian Star Empire - Major Skarr, Lieutenant Lex



Neo-Prussian Empire

Diplomacy Breaks Down

6th Immortal Alliance Legion

Operation Mastercutor


Hopklis Nur

An Inquistadores' Worst Knightmare

The Return

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Mission No. X

Killing Time