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The Space Wars are a series of wars that begun in BR 1,999, in a galaxy far, far away, and have not yet ceased. Due to a time anomaly, the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Space War begun simultaneously, later followed by the First Space War, then the Second and finally the Third. Initially these wars were fought by real minifigs and users of the Farce, but in the BR 2,003 they got tired of it and hired peach mercenaries instead.

There are also a number of skirmishes that should have occurred between the Second and Third Space War, but had to wait until after the Third war. These are known as the CLOan Wars, because they were fought (and are still being fought) by peaches so hideous that many mistook them for CLOan abominations.

After the Third Space War, the Wars laid dormant for a while - still raging, but no one really cared about them... Until BR 2,015, when the Seventh Space War broke out, shortly followed by the Eighth. A Ninth is sure to come as well, military experts say.

The First Space War

In the First Space War, the noble Grade Federation tried to wipe out the Dungan Jaw-Jaws. They were thwarted by two Liteside wusses called QuiCon Gin and Obi-Gyn Kanoobie.

The Second Space War

The Second Space War began when a certain Jango Fatt became a supermodel and famous across the galaxy. A lot of people underwent plastic surgery to look just like their idol. When Jango then became a soldier and started fighting the Grade Federation, so did his lookalikes.

The CLOan Wars

This is the name of the idiotic times between the second and third wars. The droid-man General Stevebus, leader of the noble Grade Federation's army wanted revenge on the litesiders, because in school Obi-Gyn beat him up and took his lunch money. Due to him killing off every litesider he met, the peachified Galactik Republik decided to gang up on him and all his friends. Also, other stuff.

The CLOan wars are a really really really dark spot in the history of the universe, taking place between the Second and Third Space Wars. The Galactik Republik was really pissed at the Grade Federation, mainly because they were able to get a bunch of people to realize that the evil corrupt Bureaucracy was, in fact, an evil corrupt bureaucracy. This obviously wasn't gonna fly. So, they used their now Peachificated drone armies (commonly known as "CLOan armies" due to their ugliness) to bomb the Brick seporatoratists into submission. The Grade Federation, however had known that this was what was pretty much going to happen, so they had a Druid army assembled. They chose for a general the very creepy/nerdy Stevebus, and their leader was The darksider Count Von Count. The Republik got the litesiders to help them, which was good for the republic, because they had semi-competent generals, but bad for the Legiteyes, because as it turns out, Obi-Gyn used to beat up Stevebus and take his lunch money when they were young. Stevebus, upon seeing Obi-Gyn as a general, told all druids to fire on all legiteyes. In fact, most Legiteyes were killed by Stevebus in his robot suit. The Outcome of each battle appears to be found within an hour. Howevver, not all battles have been chronicled yet, but will be in probably another season or two.

The Third Space War

The Grade Federation was by now almost defeated by a joint attack from Jango's lookalikes and the liteside warriors. But suddenly Jango decided that he wanted all the credit for himself, and ordered his troops to attack the litesiders, who were duly slaughtered.

The Fourth Space War

This war was really a court trial gone bad. Mr Han Sodo was accused of Rodianocide, with all evidence indicating that he was guilty. The judgement was just about to be passed when his lawyer, Mr Lukas, brought forth a video showing that the Rodian had shot first. Eyewitnesses, however, yelled "Han shot first!" and that cry was the start of a long and bloody war between believers and unbelievers.

The Fifth Space War

Bloba Fatt (one of Jango's lookalikes) found Han Sodo on a cloudy backwater planet where he was hiding from the law, and offered him sanctuary at the court of Java the Slut. Han gladly accepted this, and traveled to Java's palace. Meanwhile the war about his guilt continued to rage in the galaxy, starting to bore everyone.

The Sixth Space War

Java the Slut took some adult photos of Han's girlfriend Leya, which were intended for private use. But they accidentally fell into a space rift, and were spread across the galaxy. Thus begun the most deadly and grueling of all the Space Wars, as geeky fanboys fought without mercy for possession of these photos.

The Seventh Space War

Also known as "The Search for More Money", this was a restaging of the Fourth Space War, as lawyers across the galaxy were in dire need of lucrative court cases. The war was cut short however, when the SnarkSider Stylo Ken of The Only Order killed Han Sodo, calling the whole war "silly". The Resillion, aligned with the LiteSide, rose in opposition to the Only Order, setting the stage for...

The Eighth Space War

In the most bitterly fought Space War to date, the Resillion and the Only Order clashed over a number of ideological questions, such as "is it cool to kamikaze an entire fleet with a single ship, or is it a dick move?" and "do girls really exist?" In the end, the Only Order gained the upper hand, and might have defeated the Resillion entirely... if it hadn't been for Ragnablok suddenly erupting and reshaping the entire BrikVerse.

The Ninth Space War

Emperor Palpapee, thought dead since the end of the Sixth Space War, returns from the dead to take control of the Only Order and threatens all the nerds of the galaxy that he will crush, cut and break their stuff if they don't follow his rules. So the Resillion launches a final battle to defeat the ugly emperor once and for all.